Friday, April 07, 2006

Critter Control (4/6/06)

My friend Ray from Critter Control is up on our roof as I type. He is setting a trap for our racoon guests. I called Critter Control yesterday in tears - sobbing tears - hoping someone would help us. Marty, who sounded like he was 16, was very calm and very helpful and assured me that it was probably racoons and they are probably in our attic, but THEY will come to my rescue (I was certainly expecting Ray to show up in some sort of superhero costume, but no such luck - he is in jeans and a sweatshirt).

According to Trapper Ray we have quite a few vulnerable spots in our roof. I climbed up there and he showed me 3 places where squirrels and/or (AND/ or? - I think one or the other is enough) racoons are getting in. Thats it - we are going to stop heating our house in the winter nights... see if they can find a warm place to nest in our house next winter:)

They have quite a business, I suppose. What a money making venture - people like me call them in tears and desperation begging them to "Just get the animals out of my house!" They can charge whatever they want, because we will pay it. Hmmmm.

We are on 'coon watch my friends. I'll be eagerly running outside tomorrow morning to look at the roof and find out if we've caught anything...


kkoois 4:52 PM  

welcome to blogspot! i'm excited to leave comments...yeah!!!

Mama C-ta 9:19 PM  

Just wanted to say you have an adorable babe, saw the pics on your previous blog. And found you through Lisa and Jeff's. Comments are so fun too, you'll be glad to have them!

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