Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What have I been doing?

Remember that picture game that we played when we were younger where you see a close up picture of an everyday item and try to figure out what it is?

Although I could not take pictures of everything that I've been doing for the last week, here are some pictures of a couple of the ways I've been occupying myself. Can you guess what I've been doing?






Carrie P. 7:32 PM  

Something to do with blinds, electrical work, either scrapbooks or photo albums, and a bed?

heidi jo 11:11 PM  

is this all one task or 4 seperate ones?

i'm with carrie on most of it:
napping or sewing

Doni Brinkman 2:52 AM  

Sewing curtains for the girls room?

Melissa :) 11:00 PM  

1.) shortening the cords on your mini blinds.
2.) some sort of an electrical box on a wall.
3.) those are really cute. rofl!
4.) laundry.

Fess up, whatcha been doing? And I feel the need to tell you, I just feel like you & I, we have some sort of "bond". LOL!!!! :)

Doni Brinkman 11:54 AM  

So like are you taunting us or something? How long are you gonna hold out on this? Do we actually have to guess correctly? Sheeeshhh...way to keep a woman in suspense:)

Missy 2:37 PM  

You know I second Doni's comment. This chick has clicked your website about 20 times in the past day hoping you'd fill us in. I can't stand suspense! LOL

Ok, maybe not 20 times but a few :)

Melissa :) 9:40 PM  

Add Melissa to the unhappy list. I am reallyyyyyyyyyy losing patience! I feel our bond losing closeness. LOL!! ;)

kkoois 9:11 AM  

ok, ok. here i am to post a comment. i didn't want to guess unless i knew i was right, but since you wouldn't tell me the right answers, i suppose i'll have to play along like everyone else...

1. new blinds in some room?
2. new light switch plates? or maybe you are painting?
3. catching up on ryann and georgia's baby books/journals?
4. this one is a stumper. it looks like bedding, but i didn't think you were getting new bedding for anyone. curtains is a good guess, but i can't figure out which room they would be for.

so, all that to say, i'm not really sure, but i'm looking forward to my prize of a smile from you!!

carrie p. 1:56 PM  

Enough already!!! Are you ever going to tell us or are you just waiting to see how many comments we make on the postor something?

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