Thursday, April 13, 2006

Five Months

Georgia is 5 months and getting big! She's doing so much and is having so much fun... Her list of accomplishments include:
*eating rice cereal twice each day (noon and 7pm feedings)
*eating 4 times each day (8, 12, 4 & 7ish)
*going to bed for the night at 8/8:30 and not making a sound after I leave the room
*sleeping until 7am
*taking 2 decent naps each day and really wanting a third short one, which I'm trying to eliminate
*staying awake for short car rides (so she's not messing up her nap schedule - we all know how I need my schedule:)
*playing with toys - holds a rattle or other toy for a long period of time, shakes it, reaches deliberately for certain toys
*putting everything in her mouth
*has rolled from front to back, but not back to front yet
*playing in her exersaucer and can turn herself in the chair to find other toys
*holding her pacifier and can take it out of her mouth and put it back into her mouth
*having long, serious chats with her White Sox bears in the morning before she gets out of bed
*looking for Nora, Ryann or Daddy when she hears them come into the room
*smiling and giggling at any one of them when they talk to her
*loving her mom more than anyone else, but will allow other people to hold her

She's such a big girl:) And within a month or two she's not going to be such a baby anymore... you know, the kind of baby that doesn't play very long and needs to be held after a while, the kind of baby that isn't too distracted by everything else to cuddle with her mom and dad, the kind of baby that isn't mobile enough to know that there is something better on the other side of the couch. I'm getting a little sappy, eh? Never thought I would be like this - never thought I would like having a baby so much, but I do.

H-anyways... some photos of the big girl:


kkoois 4:02 PM  
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kkoois 4:03 PM  

What a beautiful girl! She looks a lot different from the last pictures I saw of her. I think she is starting to look a lot more like Nora.

I can't believe she is 5 months already. It's true what they say - they grow up so fast! Love you, Little Georgia!

Heaven Sent 8:59 PM  

She is so beautiful. Look at all that hair! And you're allowed to get sappy with your last (?) one... it's only natural. BTW, are you still breastfeeding? Just curious...

Anonymous 9:34 AM  

what darling pictures of a darling girl! she's growing alright!

it's so fun to watch all the changes. seth is so far along that i easily forget how many little things came and went in those early days - i say little but then they were HUGE accomplishments! like the way your precious girl is pulling her head up from lying on her belly! she's so strong! :)

congrats on the fun you get to enjoy all over again right now. enjoy enjoy!
heidi jo

Jen 10:44 AM  

Oh Jana~she's so cute!! And I'm jealous of that hair~or should I say Greta's jealous. I agree with Kim~she looks like Nora. And Ryann looks like Dave. BTW, nice name. . .whereever did you think of it? :-)

JD 10:54 AM  

Lisa -
Yes, still breastfeeding. I plan to do so until she can hold a bottle on her own, which I figure will be around 8 or 9 months. I was planning to only do it until 6 months, but then I figure if I still have to sit down to feed her a bottle, then I might as well continue nursing until she can do it on her own. Once she's sitting in a high chair and I can hand her a bottle to do it herself, then I'm done.

Jen - whatever do you mean about the name? I came up with it all on my own, of course;)

Missy 5:21 PM  

Jana, I can't get over her hair, did all your girls have that much hair? What a sweetheart. I miss those days :)
I remember the nap thing. I was a crazy woman trying to get those schedules in order and if anyone and I mean anyone tied to mess them up I would get a little hostle. One night my hubby let Eric fall asleep in the car when I was trying to get rid of that 3rd nap, when mr. Eric thought he should stay up until 11 and play daddy got to stay up and play with him....

Melissa :) 10:01 PM  

Hmm, my first post disappeared! Well what I said was....

Wow, she is sooooooo adorable! That hair is so cute & look at those tiny clips! Wait till she eats them! I'm waiting to play cards....I'm going to say that every time. :)

There, I think I remembered almost word for word. :)

Doni Brinkman 2:53 AM  

She is soooooo ADORABLE!!!!

Amy 10:20 PM  

Wow, Jana, Hailey does look like Georgia. They could pass for sisters. Who does Georgia look more like--you or Dave? Most people say Hailey looks like Rob. It sounds like you are doing so well juggling schedules and caring for three busy girls! We will have recent pics of Hailey on her web site soon. I have updated her journal recently--trying to put entries in more frequently rather than every six months!

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