Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Waited Long Enough?

Alright... in an effort to relieve the suspense for some of you, I am quickly posting to let you know what my pictures are. Obviously I should be taking more pictures since it has taken me this long to sit at the computer for long enough to do this:)

1. I have been shortening the chords to all of the new shades and blinds we bought. I didn't even know that one would have to shorten the chords to new shades and blinds. Dave put them all up and now my job is to shorten the chords. Great job Melissa! I would never have guessed that one - because I didn't know that chords needed to be shortened:)

2. I have been switching (ahem) out light switches in a few rooms of the house that have not yet been done. We changed everything from almond to white in the last couple of years, but we had a few switches that weren't done yet. This particular switch is in my laundry room and now it doesn't work... so I will be doing some more electrical work soon. By the way, I have also spent some time redoing the laundry room but couldn't take a good picture of it. We took off the old self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles, sanded the subfloor, patched the subfloor, sanded the subfloor, laid new self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles (which I bought at Aldi for $23 and they're really ugly, but they were $23), painted the trim, painted the walls and painted the doors. I have a brand new laundry room!!!

3. These are Thank You notes! Aren't they cute? I have been trying to write the thank yous for the gifts I received at my birthday party. However, as much I as I think they are important and want to get them out, I always find something easier to do:) I WILL get them out soon, though. Aren't they cute?

4. This one stumped everyone. Bedding? No. Sewing new curtains? Doni - you obviously have quite a high opinion of my craftiness LOL! Nope, that picture is of a small portion of the pile of shirts that are waiting to be ironed. And guess what? They're still waiting. And they are very patient:)


carrie p. 1:15 PM  

Well it's about time!LOL You have been a busy, busy girl. So when are you coming to Minnesota to get to work on my house?

Missy 9:22 PM  

You really iron??? LOL Oh boy!

Your thank you's are very cute, I like the colors.

Electric work... what a woman! I'm lucky if I get a lightbulb changed.
I liked that idea, the suspense was fun. Hey we stole your 101 list, this might be another idea to borrow :)

kkoois 3:50 PM  

bummer. i guess i didn't win. no smile from you. :(

Heaven Sent 11:09 PM  

Cute post, sorry I missed out on the fun. I think you should make this a monthly game. Boy, do I need a life or what? :-)

Doni Brinkman 6:24 PM  

So glad you finally decided to end our suspense. I still have no idea what shortening chords is all about though.

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