Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The escapades of the Monkey

Ryann took a tumble on the treadmill this morning. I was running and she had come down to say good morning and quickly became distracted by all of the toys that are stored in the basement. She was showing me toy after toy after toy. I kept asking her to go upstairs because I was running and I couldn't (or didn't want to) watch her. I should have just gotten off and taken her upstairs, but I didn't. I suddenly felt a tug on the treadmill track, heard a boom, then a cry. I jumped off and looked and she was on the floor.

It seemed like she hurt her hand because she was holding it and complaining about it. I immediately brought her upstairs and she calmed down when she saw that Dave had breakfast on the table (food has a calming effect on Ryann? Go figure). So I went upstairs to shower. Dave came up after breakfast and told me that she was still complaining about her hand but that he had looked it over several times and had felt all of the bones and joints and it was fine. Whatever - she's 2, we both thought. Five minutes later Dave calls me to come downstairs and tells me that she's hurt more than we thought - she has big scrapes on her head and nose. Dave and I didn't notice them before this AND she didn't complain at all about her head or face, just her hand. I looked again later and saw that she had scraped off about a 1/2 inch of skin on the inside of her ring finger - so her hand was hurt.

She's okay and hasn't complained since then. I got the camera out to capture her first major injury and you'll laugh at the pictures I got. I spent 15 minutes trying to get a picture of her...
I guess it's fairly obvious that this child does not sit still for even a brief moment. I tried so hard to capture her smile, her impy look, her cuteness - okay, really I would have settled for anything that might be somewhat clear - but she just does not sit still.

I was able to capture these two very sweet moments, though:


Heaven Sent 4:20 PM  

Poor baby -- but definitely cute..even with the scrapes!

Love the new blog!!

kkoois 9:04 AM  

glad to hear that she is going to be okay! rub some dirt on it and get back out there, kid!

very cute pictures. if she's never still and always moving, then you accurately captured your beautiful Sweets on film!

Melissa :) 10:06 PM  

Cason is 27 months old & I can't get him to sit still for one second! It drives me crazy! I get so aggrivated when I try to take a photo. What to do, what to do. Also, what's a treadmill? Heehee.... ;)

Doni Brinkman 2:55 AM  

Man...I know just how you feel...on both issues.

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