Thursday, June 29, 2006

6 week offensive - Week 1 Day 3

Wednesday -

Up at 6:15am to do couch to 5k run. Ran/walked a total of 1.75miles in 25:00.

Physical Therapy exercises - 30:00

WW points - I think around 15 and I think this is the reason why I'm not losing weight - need to get better at eating all of my points each day.

Water - at least 64 oz

Bed - 10:15 (watched America's Got Talent again. Uh, people in NewYork have just a little bit more talent than the people in LA, but lets not get too excited - they really aren't very talented).

Was very sore in the morning - my calves were burning when I got out of bed and took a few steps. Running felt good, although I figured out that I did the couch to 5k thing wrong on Monday, so I had to run an extra 5 minutes (Ugh!).


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