Friday, June 16, 2006


Silence - one of those things that you pray for, yet when it occurs you begin to worry.

Case in point: This afternoon I was picking up the kitchen after lunch. Nora had gone down to the family room to play, Ryann vacated the kitchen and wandered around the house, Georgia was hangin out in the exersaucer while I picked up. When I was done, I brought Georgia down to play by Nora, ran upstairs to quick look something up on the computer. My bedroom doors were closed (I never close my bedroom doors). This means that Ryann is in my bedroom doing something she knows she shouldn't be doing... if I close the doors, mom won't know I'm in here. I sit down at the computer (its in my bedroom). I hear the closet doors jiggling. Hmmm, Ryann is in the closet doing something she knows she shouldn't be doing, I think. Can't be anything too terrible, so I let her continue for a few minutes. Finally I'm done with what I'm doing and I go to find her and what did I find her doing??? She was in Dave's closet with my makeup case. All of my makeup was strewn across the floor and she was working on the chapstick - you know, cap off, chapstick in mouth, that kind of thing. I get her out of there, pick up my make up and take a look at the beauty - she has bandaids (Dora bandaids) all over her body and mascara all over her eye and her hair. I"m so proud of my little beauty queen - she got the mascara in the right spot! She's so good:)

Here are some pictures of when silence is a good thing:

I have found that one of the biggest perks of having children is being able to go in their rooms at night and look at them while they are sleeping. There is nothing more peaceful than a baby sleeping. Nothing is wrong with the world at that moment. Life takes a breath and I'm able to quietly thank God for the blessing of my girls.


Jen 10:24 AM  

Oh how sweet! There is nothing better than sleeping children. I am also glad to see me girls are not the only ones who clutch their pacifiers while sleeping!

Mommy Brain 1:31 PM  

Seeing the pictures of your girls sleeping makes me want to cry. They are stunning! I need to sneak into my kids rooms and watch them sleep more often!

Carol 11:35 PM  

I used to think "Love You Forever" was a little corny, when the mother would crawl across the floor to her teenage son, and her adult son and if he really was asleep would rock him back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, and while she rocked him she know the rest. But I still love looking at my boy over 6 feet tall while he is asleep; I still want to be able to hold him in my lap and rock him! Those pictures are too precious! What beautiful blessings!

Anonymous 11:58 AM  

Women, If they're asleep, stay out of the room so you can't wake them up!!!

Jordan 10:49 AM  

They are are SO beautiful!

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