Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Round one to Nora

Spent some time outside this afternoon with the girls. Got some funny pictures during a not so funny fight between Nora and Ryann. Ryann had been driving the car to work for most of the time that we were outside and Nora wanted a turn. Nora, since she is such a smarty pants, lured Ryann out of the car and then quickly got in and shut the door. A death match ensued - here are the photos:

Now go back and look at those pictures again - carefully. Note Ryann and the agony she is in. Then note Nora... Hysterical!!! I got the camera out so I could take some pictures of them fighting because the last time they fought over this car Nora pushed Ryann until the car was rolling over top of Ryann, but Ryann still wouldn't let go of Nora. It was so funny. This time I think the fight would have escalated to that point, however, Nora caught site of the camera and while Ryann was pushing and crying and screaming, Nora just sat there and no matter where I stood she turned in my direction with her photo smile and dodged Ryann's body and said "Cheese!" until I took the picture. Ryann had no clue what was going on - she just wanted back into the car at no cost. They crack me up. I would love to know what the neighbors think of the screaming girls down the road;)


Tomorrow I am going to try to potty train Ryann. Nora has a summer camp field trip and will be gone until 2:15 so we will start with Ryann bare-bottomed first thing in the morning and confined to the kitchen for the day. She is so ready - she is taking her diaper off all the time, telling us when she needs to be changed, sitting on the potty (with clothes on), and always wants to wear Nora's underpants. She's been ready for a while but I wanted her to be able to say "Potty" first, then after she started talking I wanted to wait until after we got back from Lake Geneva so my mother-in-law wouldn't have to deal with a newly trained child with possible accidents all weekend. So we are beginning tomorrow. If I'm lucky, she'll be trained by the time Nora gets picked up. This is how we did it with Nora and it only took a day, so hopefully we'll be fortunate to have the same thing with Ryann - although she has such a mind of her own and will probably enjoy the feeling of pee running down her leg, so we'll see how it goes:)


Mommy Brain 9:37 PM  

My favorite is the baby in the swing way in the background...my third spent most of his first year in the swing! Good luck with the potty training and remember...each girl is different...good luck...I hate potty training I think it should be like driving, once one sibling knows how they have the teach the other ones. If I had my way that's the way it would be.

Jen 7:34 AM  

I'm with Christine. . .I think Greta lived in the swing and then the high chair til she was walking!

Good luck with Ryann on the potty. If she is anything like the rest of the second-borns among us, she will throw the potty at you and pee in the bathtub! Those stubborn second-borns. . .

i am not 8:01 AM  

Christine - you need to learn the #1 rule of my blog:
You may NOT under any circumstances look at the background of the pictures I post;)

There is always some kind of mess back there. I looked at these pictures and saw all of the crap on the picnic table and the ground - its not a pretty site:)

Georgia loves the swing - she makes these really cute excited noises when she's in it. She hasn't spent much time in it so far, but I got it out to keep her occupied while I weeded yesterday.

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