Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Is it only Tuesday today?

Random ramblings:

Yesterday, walked into Georgia's room to wake her up from her nap and... crib sheet - same song, second verse. However, somehow I have become quite good at this sheet changing thing because I didn't have any problems. Too bad I've now jinxed myself and the next time I have to change a sheet I will rip my jeans while trying to maneuver around the crib.

Father's Day
I was going to take the girls to the Picture People to get a picture taken for Dave for Father's Day. I didn't take them. Here's the deal: I can get much better pictures of them than the portrait studios. The portraits never really look like them, you know? And here is the biggest factor in not going: Dave won't really care one way or the other.

So instead, I changed their clothes and tried to have a photo session of my own. I was able to get a couple of good shots (I took 60 pictures and only 2 of them have all three girls facing the camera, 1 of those 2 has them all smiling):

Here is the cutest picture of Georgia:

The cutest one of Ryann:

And the cutest one of Nora:

Nora is the most photogenic person I have ever seen. I cannot take a bad picture of her. Even when she is making a funny face, she looks absolutely beautiful in the picture. Ryann, on the other hand is not very photogenic. She is adorable in real life, but I have to take a million pictures of her to get one that looks good. I hope that doesn't cause issues between the two as they grow up.

Ryann's Speech Therapy
Ryann will officially be finished with Speech Therapy on Thursday. Her therapist will come here and do a final evaluation determining that she no longer is in need of therapy and will indicate where she is and what she should be doing next. I decided a couple of weeks ago that it really wasn't fair or right to continue having the therapist come when she really doesn't seem to need therapy anymore. I really like Sue and like to chat with her every week, but that isn't a good reason to have her come... Ryann is talking a LOT. I could not even attempt to list all of the words she says now. She just talks a lot. She is just beginning to make 3 word sentences, but mostly 2 words together. She still has trouble saying the long e sound and long i sound, but she is now attempting to say them both (two weeks ago she wouldn't even attempt to say a word with those sounds in them). She is quickly catching up to where she should be and I'm eager to see where she will land in her evaluation. I'm not certain that she wouldn't have gotten here on her own without the therapy, but it was good to give her a jumpstart on it all. Hopefully we'll be able to completely close the book on that chapter in her life.

Georgia - 7 months
Our baby is so big! Her best friend, Hannah (who was born 2 hours before her) is crawling already and Georgia is not showing any interest in moving around and I am just fine with that:) I am happy to have her stay a baby for a little while longer.

She is not doing a whole lot more than she was at 6 months, however, she is doing everything she was doing then a little bit better now.
*She sits up very well on her own for long periods of time which also means that she plays better on her own and doesn't need to be entertained so much.
*She enjoys going through the basket of toys that I set down next to her and exploring them all. She also really likes to be in the exersaucer.
*She LOVES to bounce and jump while she is in there and will often complain when she is in her high chair because she wants to go in the exersaucer.
*She eats well - 6-8oz bottle at breakfast, lunch and dinner and a little bit before bed (and I'm going to eliminate that soon). At lunch and dinner she also has 1/3 of a jar of stage 2 vegetables, 1/3 of a jar of stage 2 fruits and about 1/8 c. of cereal.
*She also eats cheerios, crackers and bread. I've tried bananas, but they are too slippery for her little fingers:)
*She sleeps very well: Bed at 8pm, up at 8am, nap from 10am-12:15, nap again from 2:30-5:15/5:30. She loves to play peek a boo and laughs real laughs when we play (not just giggles, these are true belly laughs).
*She is babbling like crazy with lots of vowel sounds and just started the ga ga's and ya ya's

We're having fun over here!!!


Jen 9:44 PM  

What a fab picture! They are almost as cute as my 3 little females :-) Exact same thing here too, Caroline is super-photogenic, Amelia not so much.

And BTW, still LOVE the name Georgia. :-P

kkoois 10:02 AM  

what cute pictures! and what cute kids! dave will love it (does he read this? has the surprised been ruined?)

way to go, ryann on the speech therapy! now that she is done, can you please send your therapist over here? i think at this point, i might welcome a "wa-wa" instead of a point with a very annoying whine.

7 months, georgia!?!?! you are growing up too fast. i believe i told you on your last report to not grow up anymore until i get to see you again. what a beautiful little girl you are!

Amy 8:03 PM  

Your girls are so cute! I miss you guys and hope we can see you before we move to wherever. I have a blog now too in addition to Hailey's journal on her website. Check it out at http://aliloffkey.blogspot.com/

kkoois 9:37 PM  
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