Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Eggs and Chicken

Back in the good ol' days when BFWW lived around here we would meet periodically for breakfast. Bakers Square was always the destination and we inevitably annoyed our waitress with how long we sat there and how many times we needed our coffee mugs refilled. It was a morning thing - as in ALL morning, as in 4 hours usually. Every time.

Before we left for the weekend I told Dave that I didn't care what we did for the entire weekend, but that BFWW and I would like to have one morning to go out for breakfast just the two of us. He totally understood and didn't even hesitate in saying he would watch all four girls for the morning.

Friday morning was THE morning. Breakfast for two.

We left at 9am and went to Brother Juniper's near the University of Memphis. We walked in and it really looked like kind of a dump - exactly what any good breakfast place should look like. It was also full - also a sign of a good breakfast place. We had to wait a few minutes and then were seated in the corner near a window - apparently they understood exactly what this breakfast was all about;)

BFWW explained that Rachel Ray had come here for one of her shows and the menu even indicates what her favorite dish is - The San Diegan Omelette - which looked really, really good but I wanted to go a little cheaper and perhaps a little simpler. BFWW ordered the #2 - eggs overeasy, home fries and wheat toast - and coffee. I ordered the #3 (I think): scrambled eggs with basil, tomatoes, and mozerella cheese, home fries, strong toast (which I guess means multi-grain) and a side order of cheese grits because I just had to experience grits - and coffee. Brother Juniper's is the place. The food was awesome. The grits were good. The staff refilled our coffee very regularly. It was perfect.

We got home at 1:00 and Elise was just going down for a nap and Dave had already fed our three girls. We have lovely, lovely husbands.

At 3:00 Ryann and Georgia went down for naps and Elise had already woken up, so Dave and Jer offered to bring Nora and Elise to the park for a little while. Yes - they offered. And since the other two were sleeping and needed someone to be home with them BFWW and I were happy to oblige. We parked ourselves on the couch and turned on the tv and geared ourselves up to watch Thursday night's episode of Grey's Anatomy... We got to the first set of commercials, started talking, paused it and never turned it back on. I don't remember what time everyone came back, but we never got back to Grey's Anatomy that day.

Earlier in the day we had decided that we would like to try Gus's Chicken for dinner. Apparently Gus has the best fried chicken in the country. While Dave and I are not big fried chicken fans, we wanted the whole Memphis experience so we wanted to try it.

Dinner was good. Gus has some good fried chicken and good coleslaw. And the dinner was made complete with another helping of corn casserole, sweet potato crisp and applesauce souffle. No dinner is complete, however, without some laughter which was nicely provided by BFWW when she told us that someone we know eats fried chicken in the car and throws the bones out the window... we laughed for a loooong time about that.

After the girls went to bed we decided to play a game, so we chose Imaginiff. This game includes these kinds of questions: Imaginiff Nora was a princess, what princess would she be? 1) Cinderella, 2) Diana, 3) Fiona etc. etc. - you get the idea. It was great fun and we had many laughs over some of the questions. The best questions of the night were:

Imaginiff Dave could know the answer to any mystery, which would he choose (now you need to know that we were doing this question as a challenge between only me and him and we would earn extra points if we matched and lose extra points if we didn't match): 1) Who shot JFK 2) The KFC's 12 secret spices 3)? 4)? 5)? 6) What happens after death. I chose 6 knowing that that would be the correct answer because a) I'm not sure Dave knows who JFK is b) he doesn't care about the fried chicken recipe and c) we've discussed at length different theories of what happens after you die (beside the obvious you go to heaven answer). He chose A - what?

Imaginiff Jeremy were a singer, who would he be? Insert many weird singers including Alice Cooper, Placido Domingo and Julio Iglesias. I chose Julie Andrews.

Imaginiff BFWW were looking through something, what would she look through: A bunch of answers that included sunglasses and one other thing. Dave, Jer and I all chose sunglasses because she's always wearing them. She chose that other thing:)

Imaginiff Jana was a dog, what breed would she be? BFWW and I chose Golden Retriever because we are best friends and we know each other well enough to know that is how we would answer - oh and BFWW said that I'm shaggy, and drooly and very obnoxious. Dave chose Rotweiler because I'm intimidating and mean (nice, eh?) and Jer chose Saint Bernard because I like to bring beer to people.

I don't remember who won the game, but I do remember that I was the biggest loser - as in I lost by a huge margin because of that JFK question... it was Dave's fault.

We spent the rest of the night discussing ideas about parenting and whether or not being a strict parent is good or if kids are going to do things anyway so why bother being strict. Jer went to bed soon after the game was done and we continued the conversation. When the topics of premarital sex and abortion came up I knew we would be there for a long time so I strapped my beer barrel around my neck and loafed upstairs to bed:)


kkoois 8:56 AM  

good times, good times...

and for the record, i did not say you were a golden retriever because you were "shaggy, and drooly and very obnoxious." i said you were a golden retriever because you were cute, playful and loyal.

i am not 9:04 AM  

Tomato Tomahto:)

Jen 10:06 AM  

I want that game! Sounds like a hoot.

I have not been to Brother Junipers but it's now on my list for Spring Break. And Gus's. MMmmmmm. For the record, it is NOT my husband who throws the chicken bones. But I know who it is. . .We bring a cooler every year and take home 50 pieces of Gus's. It's that good.

This trip sounds so fun. My BFWW from Calvin lives in Texas so we might need to be making a trip!

Heaven Sent 11:14 PM  

The St. Bernard comment cracked me up!

And bear with me here... I've been dying to ask you: what does BFWW stand for? I've heard of BFF, but what is WW?

Mommy Brain 7:30 AM  

And I thought it was Tim!

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