Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Momentous Occasion

Here is Nora:

One Year

Two Years

Please note the child had barely any hair even at two years old. She was the definition of mullet - and it was a natual mullet, no styling involved:) It took a long time for this girl to have hair long enough to do anything with - barettes, pigtails, braids, etc. By the time she had hair long enough to do anything with, she wouldn't let me touch it - not that I'm girly enough to know what to do with it anyway...

About a year ago, I asked Nora if she wanted to get her hair cut. She told me that she would get it cut when she was 5 (she's going to do a lot of things when she turns 5). I wasn't too eager to have her get her hair cut because it took sooooo long for her to have hair worth cutting. And her hair was beautiful - natural layers, natural highlights - just beautiful. So I didn't argue with the haircut-at-5-years plan.

For the last few months, though, I've been pushing it a little more. Her hair was so difficult to comb. The ends were damaged. She would scream while we combed her hair after she got a bath - even after putting conditioner and detangler in it - she would cry if we combed it while it was dry. Always knots. Always pulling fistfulls of hair out with the comb. It was time to get the hair cut, but she was stuck on 5 years.

Yesterday, however, I got word that a friend of mine was having her cousin come to her house to cut her hair. I tagged onto that idea like a child not wanting to be left behind:) Hmmmmm. 5 minutes away. Nora's friends would be there. I could chat with my friend. Simple decision on my part, now the tough part was getting Nora on board... Wasn't as difficult as I anticipated. All I had to do was say, "Do you want to go to Jake and Luke's house and get your hair cut?" There was about 45 seconds of silent decision making and I got the official nod of approval (she likes Jake and Luke and their brother Jonah enough to sit through something as scary as a haircut).

So we went. And she was soooo good. She sat still for 30 minutes. And now she is definitely a big little girl. I can't believe the difference. And she loves it too. Take a look at my girl and marvel at how much hair she got cut off:)

Here we go!!! Shoulder length hair - she's so big:)


Jen 11:59 AM  

Wow~she looks great! You will love the shoulder length bob~I always go back to it with Caroline.

I didn't know you went to Memphis~I know them duckies! Um, ducks. :-)

melissa :) 1:41 PM  

Oh it's beautiful! And it aged her 10 years. :(

Heaven Sent 9:25 PM  

What a beauty! And the hair looks good too! Looks like it was a week of new hairdos!

kkoois 8:23 AM  

Love it!! Nora looks great! Can't wait to see it in person.

Mommy Brain 6:24 PM  

I bet people tell you all the time that she looks just like you!

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