Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I would love to be a waitress right now if our schedule and child care situation worked out

I loved waitressing. Loved it. I loved it when it was slow and I could hang out with the other servers and I especially loved it when it was busy, busy, busy and stressful. I found myself taking it all in strides, surprisingly. I found the strict time parameters of Bill Knapps' to be helpful, rather than stressful - unlike many of my fellow servers who completely stressed out and had no idea how to time manage their sections.

I think the reason that I loved it so much was because of the constant interaction with so many different people. My customers. The other servers. The cooks. The busboys. The hostess. The manager. The dishwasher. Every person had a unique role in the experience of the night and every person had a different story. And I loved every minute of sharing that experience with them and learning more about some of them.

We had a dishwasher who smoked 4 packs of Basic cigarettes a day (for those of you who have no clue - Basics are one of the cheapest brands of cigarettes you can buy. When I was working at the gas station in high school, a pack of Marlboro's was 2.45, Basics were 2.00). Four packs people!! His teeth were brown and disgusting. He was definitely a smeller, but he was a person and he had a story and he was actually very dedicated to his dishwashing.

And the drama. Oh, the drama. A server was "dating" a manager (the Dean Cain look-alike), but the manager was truly just yanking her chain and had no real feelings for her - which any of us could see, but she couldn't. The younger servers who had a crush on the manager and giggled every time he talked to them. The cook, the server and the manager (yes, same manager all three stories - he was a piece of work), who partied together. The rumors of the manager (same one) doing cocaine with the cook and the server. The drama of the veteren servers fighting for the prime sections on the prime nights. Oh, the drama - you can't forget that:)

It was all fun and I would do it right now in a heartbeat if we could work it out. With Dave's hours and the fact that we don't have readily accessible childcare any time we need it, it is impossible for me to be a waitress right now. If I somehow worked it out, though, I would definitely try a nicer, more expensive restaurant that served alcohol. I would wear a tube top and a scarf for a skirt and liquor my guests up all in the name of providing for my family. You know I would;)

If you could do any kind of job you wanted - any - and every obstacle was taken out of the way (like childcare, a need for more money than you might earn at that job, etc), what would you do?
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Heaven Sent 1:34 PM  

Be a professional dancer (no, not that kind!)

Amy 3:56 PM  

I would spend a year in Indonesia (where I did a semester abroad) as a mentor/adventure leader.

Amanda 3:59 PM  

LMBO Lisa!!!
There are 2 jobs I would love to do:
1) Labor and Delivery nurse. There is just something SO wonderful about being able to witness a new life coming into the world. I know there's not always a happy ending to birth stories, and those who I've known who have lost a baby have said what a gift their nurses were...I think it is an honor and privilege not to be taken lightly.
2) An owner of a B&B. I would just love to take over a big old house, remodel it, and rent out the rooms.

Jen 7:47 AM  

I'm with Amanda~I have 2.

#1. L&D nurse. I might actually go back to school and do it.

#2. White House staffer. Oh the drama. . .For any of the Illinoians, did you know Gov. Blago's spokesperson is a Calvin alum?

amanda 10:57 AM  

Jen, going back to school is in my plan too...I can't wait!

Becky 12:02 PM  

Oh, there are SO many things that I would do (and may do someday)...

(1) Go back to school to become a licensed social worker so I can run a home for children with disabilities;
(2) Own and operate a B & B (I'm with Amanda on that one!);
(3) Go back to school to become a speech pathologist;

And then the DREAM jobs...

(1) Gospel singing sensation;
(2) Professional ballroom dancer (yes, I watched too much Dancing with the Stars);
(3) Sitcom actress!

That's right... a TRIPLE threat! hehehe

Cousin Jen 10:19 PM  

I see some patterns here. My two dream jobs (believe it or not)

1) Labor & Delivery nurse. I am an RN who is at home full-time now. Not sure how I can squeeze into that dept. with no L & D experience....

2) Midwife (I'm a little scared of that responsibiltiy though...maybe when I'm older)

3) Wedding coordinator! I'd love to organize weddings but wouldn't like working so many Sat. so I probably will never do it.

JCarey 5:52 PM  

1. Occupational therapist - would love the combination of creativity, people, and helping and being with people as they struggle through regaining use in a new way of some part of their body
2. Montessori K teacher or Preschool teacher for life if only I did not have to ever go to my knees as my back just plain could not take it
3. Graphic artist
4. Marine biologist
5. Docent in any natural setting (could do this when retirement hits)

I truly could go on and on listing stuff I would enjoy doing if the hoop jumping were easy and if as Jana states that there were no barriers whatsoever.

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