Saturday, November 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Princess Olivia!

Nora's BFF turns 5 on Tuesday and to celebrate her mom, PD, threw her a Princess Party at Our Party Palace on Saturday morning. For 2 whole hours Olivia* and 7 of her friends were magically turned into the most beautiful princesses ever. One in particular was especially beautiful:)

After arriving, each girl walked into a huge closet full of princess dresses and was able to find the absolute perfect dress for the party - the dress was just the beginning of the transformation:

Along with a dress, every princess needs the perfect pair of shoes to wear:

When the perfect dress and shoes have been chosen, every princess needs to choose a tiara and have her hair done:

and her makeup done:

Transformation complete:

On the agenda for the day... a Tea Party

And some real princess dancing:

In addition to the tea party and dance lessons, the princesses made a picture fram and were taught some princess manners and how to curtsey. They had pizza for lunch and cake for dessert. Birthday Princess Olivia opened gifts and then all of the lucky, beautiful princesses got their very own purses and a few small items to put in them (Nora chose a watch, a pen, a keychain, a bracelet and some chapstick - I successfully steered her away from all of the fun makeup that was available:)

Nora had a grand time at the princess party. She told me she had a lot of fun, but she was a little shy because she didn't know that place very well (she kind of stood off to the side for a few things. We kept asking her if she was having fun and she said she was - I think she was just being a little shy that morning).

And while her true Prince Charming (Nolan) was not available, she did agree to have her photo taken with the one that was available:

*I did not include pictures of the birthday princess because I did not get permission from her mom:)


Amanda 8:32 AM  

WHERE were places like this when we were little???? What a great party! That Prince Charming is a little freakish looking, time take Nolan along. :)

Jen 10:05 AM  

That's so cute!! We need a place like that out here. All we have is "turn 'em into brittney spears" place. That's little gurl fun!

heidi jo 10:25 AM  

that is great idea for little girls! what fun! your little princess is a beauty indeed!

Mommy Brain 1:02 PM  

What a great party...I wonder if my friends could go to a party like that?

kkoois 3:49 PM  

wow! what a pretty pretty princess she was! that's a neat idea for a little girls party.

Missy 6:23 PM  

What a sweet, sweet girl you have! My goodness they should have a place like that for mommies... I think they do it's just I've never been there!!!

Heaven Sent 8:06 PM  

I am with Amanda.... we never had ANYTHING like this. Heck, I felt lucky that my mom let me dress up in her old bridesmaid dresses.

Nora is truly the most beautiful princess in all the land!!

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