Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Wrong on so many levels - but oh so funny!

Is it wrong that I think these are funny (and that I secretly want one) ?

According to the email I got, these are all the rage in Japan and will be heading to the US soon... whatever. They aren't see-through skirts, those are images painted on the material. Shocking. Clever. Funny. Just LOVE the last one - how dreadfully perfect: seeing it between the sides of the apron. Kind of like any experience with a paper hospital gown.

It may not be wrong to think they're funny, but I'm pretty certain that it is wrong to want to wear one to an old, southside, dutch CRC church on Sunday morning. I'm just saying, I don't think the old dutchies would appreciate the humor of these skirts. Posted by Picasa


carrie 10:26 AM  

Well, if it is wrong to think these skirts are funny, then I am very, very wrong! I just can't believe that people actually feel comfortable wearing them! Too funny. Thanks for sharing!

Missy 3:28 PM  

my first thought:
what is Jana thinking about now! Good greif ;)
Second thought: Relief, deep breath, my friend has not lost her mind they are not real!!!! Thank goodness.....LOL LOL
Now I've joined the wrong crew, and yes I'd love to wear one just for reaction but I almost sure I couldn't walk with a straight face! :)

missy 3:29 PM  

grief..... oops

Mommy Brain 4:47 PM  

I LOVE it! If all it takes is a small piece of fabric to make my A&% look that good, I'm all in!

i am not 5:12 PM  

Just so you know, I will always delete all anonymous comments. If you're so brave to comment on a blog, then please be brave enough to leave your name. It takes a big person to insult other people anonymously, doesn't it?

hj 12:23 AM  

Ooops! Should have left my name! Here's Heidi Jo reporting in saying "Your ALL tacky!" hee hee...
;););):) Of course I wasn't intending an insult - just a sisterly jab to dear friends (with a BIIIIG grin) ;D
Heidi JO

i am not 7:33 AM  

Dear Ms. Anonymous:

Big Hugs from me:) You were so graceful in your response to my comment - thank you:) I was more annoyed about the comment being anonymous than I was about the comment itself - those skirts are the definition of tacky - which is why I thought they were so funny, LOL!

You have the most gentle heart of anyone I know and I know that you wouldn't insult me or my friends. I love you:)

Heaven Sent 9:47 AM  

I too was a bit shocked when you said you wanted one, but now I do too! So funny... I would love to see a videotape of reactions from someone wearing one around the all. JD, sounds like a blogging project to me...

hj 10:17 AM  

ok.... ok.... laugh about it... but PLEASE DON'T WEAR ONE! I'M BEGGING YOU! ;) i don't know if my OWN heart could take it.

melissa :) 1:26 PM  

Oh Lord, I needed a good laugh. Thanks! :)

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