Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A girl and her dress

Some people (Gram) have told me that I need to post more pictures of Ryann... I just want to be clear that I do not favor the other two over Ryann when it comes to the camera, Ryann usually won't
a) sit still long enough for a picture
b) smile for the camera
c) keep her eyes open

I have very few clear pictures of Ryann smiling - her smile, you know, the smile that each kid has that you just HAVE to capture on film? Well hers is fleeting and terribly hard to catch in the short time between pushing the button and the camera clicking.

But because someone inSISted on wearing a dress, tights and boots today I convinced her to have a photo shoot. So for all the fans of our little Sweets, here she is in all of her dressed up glory. I'm not sure God makes children that are much cuter than this:)


Heaven Sent 9:48 AM  

Those pig tails and that smile -- you're right. It doesn't get any cuter. I think you managed to capture "her smile" perfectly. Several of them in fact. And now the important question.... where did you get those boots?

heidi jo 10:15 AM  

SUPER adorable!!!

i am not 10:54 AM  

The boots were from Payless a couple of years ago when Nora wore the dress. A splurge that was worth it!

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