Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween 2006

I do not remember Halloween being so fun when I was a kid. I remember dressing up and going trick or treating, but wow is it so much MORE fun as a parent:)

We had a busy day yesterday... Nora had a party at school so we got her dressed up before she went. I have to tell you - her costume turned out MUCH cuter than I anticipated it would. She was a 50's girl and she was the only 50's girl at school (there were at least 4 princesses - so glad I chose not to do that this year). She was adorable and came home with a ton of candy from her friends.

Dave came home a little early to be a part of the trick or treating. After he changed his clothes he took the girls out "just around the house", which ended up being around the block with our next door neighbors. John and Michelle have two boys, Nolan 5 and Nate 2 1/2. Nora is going to marry Nolan, and Nolan loves Nora so I'm sure there was much excitement when they saw they were leaving to trick or treat at the same time. I could see them down the block from our house and they were holding hands:) Oh my, they are so cute together.

I joined them after a little while and we finished trick or treating around the entire block. At that point Georgia was pretty happy:because it was 40 degrees and dinner time and she wanted a bottle. So we got her a bottle and loaded the three of them into the car to trick or treat at the Fulmer's. Some parents bring their kids to the grandparents houses on Halloween - this was our version of that except that Doug and Jenny aren't as old (okay, they're almost as old, but not quite as old as our parents). We love us some Fulmers:
After making Doug and Jenny's night really happy by leaving our Bunny with them, we made our way to the party at PD's house. We got there and it was a mass of costumed children who had surely had a lot of sugar, parents who were kind of just hanging out and as much food and goodies as you would expect at a christmas party. We all had a great time and Nora was very brave while Mr. Shivers was hanging around (Mr. Shivers is a 6 foot mad scientist that speaks when you talk into a microphone. Nora has been terrified of him for the last month - so much so that up until yesterday morning she did not want to go to Olivia's halloween party.)

We love halloween. Our girls had such a good time. Ryann loved it even though her pumpkin was just waaaayyy too heavy to carry. And she loved all of the candy and the fact that she could basically eat however much she wanted to eat for one night without getting into trouble. Nora loved dressing up and spending time with Nolan and Olivia and Georgia loved being snuggled by Jenny for the whole night.

Good times. Good times.

Our bunny Bug making everyone happy:

Doug got in the frame right as the camera was taking the picture, so no, I'm not as good of a photographer as Gram;)
Isn't she so pretty?

Ryann was our 50's clown (because she has to do everything Nora does). Its a good thing I colored that smile on her face because she refused to smile for the camera - I think she was ticked because getting her picture taken was taking serious time away from eating candy!


Mommy Brain 5:42 PM  

What a great story...I love your stories Jana! Your kids look wonderful! Love the 50's girl idea Nora looks just angelic! Next year I want to go to a Halloween party!!!

Amanda 6:29 PM  

Your girls are too cute! Love their costumes...thanks for sharing!!! :)

heidi jo 9:41 PM  

cute cute cute!

kkoois 9:20 AM  

cute cute!! glad to hear everyone had such a great time.

Heaven Sent 10:13 AM  

The are so cute. Love the costumes! The 50s clown made me laugh -- we always want to be like the big sister! Sound like you had a fun-filled day. I got pooped just reading about it!

BTW, I use Flickr instead of Blogger to post photos. Check it out at Email me if u have any questions! :)

Carol 5:13 PM  

How cute! Happy Halloween, Nora, Ryann and Georgia! Too bad my boys are too old for you .. (12, 11, and 8)

Jen 7:31 PM  

LOVE the 50's girl! And poor Georgia bunny.

BTW, mine were only "getting along" for the Skittles on the floor. We have WWIII here all day long too. Espcially since Greta learned to pull hair.

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