Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 14

The end of last week presented many tempting issues, but I didn't want to write about them as they were happening. Cornbread was out of town - I didn't want to post that for the world to read, so I refrained from writing anything.

He left on Wednesday night and came home Friday night after the girls went to bed. I missed him:)

The fact that he was gone, though, made the no tv thing more of a struggle. I don't like it when he's out of town, however, I have always enjoyed at least one night of getting the girls to bed somewhat early, making my dinner and plopping on the couch to eat and watch my favorite shows in silence. That wasn't an option this time... So I read at the table and then moved to the couch... and then to the bed. It wasn't very exciting and I'm sure I didn't miss a whole lot, but it was still a change from the way I normally do things when he's gone and felt a little weird at first.

Other than the initial "what am I going to do while he's gone" feeling, it was fine.

On Sunday, though, he brought the tv upstairs so he could watch the Bears game with his parents. They were in town for a Dykstra celebration and had planned to bring the girls to Kiddieland, but Ike put a damper on those plans. Cornbread really misses watching the Bears with his dad and felt that it would be inhospitable to have them over and not be able to watch the game (uh huh) so he brought it up. And we turned it off as soon as the game was over.

As for sugar - I am SO happy I've given it up entirely. I cannot believe how much easier it is to not have the option vs. having the option and struggling to say no. At the Dykstra party on Saturday I wasn't able to have a piece of Apple Slice (never he\ard of it before, but it looked darn good) - but I also didn't sit at the table and finish Georgia's or hem and haw in my mind about whether to have a second piece: "I really shouldn't." "But its so good." No argument with myself. No obsessing over it in my mind. No feeling bad about it later in the evening. It just wasn't an option.

Sunday when I went to the grocery store to grab a bag of chips I didn't stand in front of the ice cream freezer and fight with myself and my will-power over whether I should buy some ice cream or a different dessert. I'm not sure I can explain the struggle that is involved in those kinds of situations for me... I bought dessert for the girls and my in-laws because I knew they would like something after pizza, but it wasn't a stressful, internal struggle for me. I wish I could explain this better, but ultimately, the important feeling is that not having the option of eating the sugary stuff is very liberating and freeing and I'm loving it.

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Heaven Sent 10:59 PM  

Good for you! I'll be interested to see how/if you guys phase everything back in. Why is it so hard to do things in moderation? I know "they' say that is the best way, but I'm not sure we humans are programmed that way.

Proud of you for sticking to this. Stay strong!

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