Thursday, September 04, 2008

Day three

Yesterday's sugar temptation was:

Snickerdoodles. One of my favorites. They are probably the only store bought cookie that tastes good, in my opinion. And there they were... just sitting there enticing me to have just one bite. But one thing I'm finding from giving sugar up entirely and not just saying that I'm trying to eat healthier - there is no option. There is no "just one bite" or "a small taste". There just is none. I think I function a little better that way. I am a taster - I just LOVE the taste and texture of things and when I really like the taste and texture of something, I want to have it again and again - even if I'm full and ready to explode (perhaps this is the reason I eat the same foods every day). So my one little bite or small taste turns into 2 or 3 whole cookies by the end of the night. Because I want to taste it and feel it again.

Its good for me to not even have the option - better for me, actually. Me and my dad - one in the same;)

As for the tv...
I did not miss it during the day, although I find myself kind of wandering around the house at times wondering what I should do. I don't feel like cleaning, I don't have laundry to do. I've already played WordTwist and pulverized my sister;) I don't have enough time to read a chapter in my book. I eventually find something to do, but I feel a bit spacey at times.

I am definitely crossing more things off of my to-do list than I had been over the summer, which is very encouraging. I feel useful and productive and like things are running smoother around here and I'm more prepared for the hours ahead.

I did want to see Sarah Palin's speech last night, considering it seems as if she should be running for president rather than McCain with how ga-ga people are over her, but I read about it in the newspaper this morning instead. Cornbread and I have agreed that the no tv thing is just in our house - we are getting rid of the tv in our house, but we can watch elsewhere if we want (this was really the only way I could get him on board with the impending start of Bears season). So if I had wanted to watch it badly enough, I could have.

The quiet is really nice, though.

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