Monday, September 08, 2008

Day Seven

The first weekend of no tv and no sugar... as I suspected, this was a bit tougher than during the week.

Actually, going without tv has not been bad at all. I haven't missed it as much as I thought I would and the girls don't seem to miss it either. They have been playing really nicely together and fighting less than usual. It is nice to not have the option for them to watch it. And we're going to keep it this way and cancel cable altogether... If, after the end of the month, we can get a signal with rabbit ears, then we'll just do that, if not, then we'll go without. (This decision, by the way, is more financially motivated than anything else. Its coming to the point where we need to cut out anything and everything that is not the least bit necessary).

I knew the weekend would be tougher in terms of sugar. I normally use the weekend to satisfy my sugar cravings. I allow myself some chocolate here and there, perhaps a bowl of sugary cereal, a few cookies and definitely a big bowl of ice cream on Sunday night. None of that was an option for me this weekend... and when I went out for breakfast with Nora I used sugar free jelly on my toast (I didn't even bother on the second piece - ick).

I am amazed... while being intentional about NOT eating sugar, I have woken up to how much of it I normally eat and don't think about. Its pretty incredible, actually, to realize how much I justified while just living life.

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