Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 21

This weekend was quite a struggle for me. Not tv related, but sugar related.

The five of us went to a friend/colleague's home in LaPorte, IN for dinner on Saturday night. She had ice cream cones for dessert and I had made Rice Krispie treats - one of my favorites if they're done right. I wanted one (or two... okay, three) really badly.

On Sunday we were invited to Cornbread's aunt and uncle's for a birthday celebration and a chance to hang out and catch up with our cousins that live on either side of the country (Oregon and Virginia). There was cake. There was ice cream. There was pie. There was Uncle Bryce's awesome coffee. And. there. were. Scotcheroos. Sitting on the counter smelling as good as anything could possibly smell. They were killing me. Seriously. I wanted to abandon all sense of etiquette and take the whole pan to the car and have at it. It was very, very hard. There is something about the combination of chocolate and butterscotch that is very delightful to me.

I reiterate: No option has been much better for me than trying to be good and have only one - only one of the several choices offered and only one of that specific choice. I couldn't have passed on the pie and multiple scotcheroos. I'm just being honest. I wouldn't have been able to do it. Not only because I love pie and coffee and would cut my arm off for a scotcheroo, but because of the festivity of the situation - it just feels even more celebratory to join in with the desserts. So not giving myself the option to choose even one has been much better for me.

Still not missing the tv. We're removing the tv from our bedroom forever - I was never an advocate of tv in the bedroom. In fact, I was adamantly opposed to it. And then we had Nora and she was early and wouldn't nurse and I pumped. My pump was in the bedroom and it took a while, so naturally the tv ended up in there and has never come out until now. I suspect I will begin to miss the tv once my favorite shows premier and people are using the funny lines from them on their facebook statuses and whatnot. Does The Office premier this week? Thats really the only show I'm dying to see again.

In addition, we have decided to make an exception for the presidential and vice presidential debates. However, we have no clue when they will be on - can anyone help me out on that? If they are on in September we will bring a tv out for that. Too important to not watch.


Mommy Brain 10:03 AM  

Congratulations on your success this weekend! You are a better woman than me. Give yourself some kudos for being strong!

The first debate is this Friday evening...not sure what time...but I'm sure you can google it.

Glad you haven't cut off your use of the computer! Most news you can get that way anyhow...or good old fashioned newspapers-love em.

heidi jo 11:39 AM  

impressive. :)

i'm back to the world of cyberspace so i look forward to hearing how the rest of your month goes. lovely to see your intentional living. :)

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