Friday, September 05, 2008

Day Four

Yesterday was largely uneventful in terms of sugar and tv temptations.


*I am taking notice of how often I touch or see some kind of sugary/sweet food. I was amazed yesterday at how often I must unknowingly grab an m&m or two while giving potty treats out because the urge to do so was incredible - not necessarily tempting, just this kind of natural instinct to grab one or two for myself.

* Nora came home from school with a mostly uneaten granola bar. It was some kind of trail mix bar with chocolate chips, raisens, etc. Ryann and Georgia immediately asked for it and out of habit I almost took a bite before breaking it in half and giving it to them.

* At the end of the night I had several points left because my dinner was very low points. I searched and searched my house for something to eat that wasn't a meal. I really had no options other than ice cream sandwiches or granola bars. I opted for popcorn.

* I need to come to a decision on how to handle the whole Sugar Free situation. Am I giving up sugar or sweets? Are my sugar free popsicles okay? What about sugar free candy? For right now, I'm okay with the popsicles and am not going to touch the sugar free candy - its a slippery slope that I live on;)

TV -
Yesterday was very rainy and dreary. These days are normally declared lounge around and watch as much tv as you want days in my life. I did not have a hard time with it yesterday at all - in fact I didn't even realize that I was missing out on that until late in the afternoon.

The girls are handling this exceptionally well. I think the decision to physically remove the tv from the room helps a lot. When they ask to watch a show or a movie I can say "We don't have a tv" and they understand. If the tv was staring them in the face and I told them, "No. We are not watching tv" it doesn't quite register as well with them.

I love the quietness of the house in the afternoon while Nora and Ryann are at school and Georgia is taking her 2 1/2 hour nap (yes she does).

I don't feel like I watched a whole lot of tv during the day before, but somehow I am getting a lot more done without it around. I must have been watching more than I realized.

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Amy 10:59 AM  

I really admire your stamina and your motivation to do this all month, Jana. I would have such a hard time with the sugar thing. Rob and I did something similar with the TV a few years ago...not quite cold turkey, but cutting back significantly. I loved the quiet too. Now a few years later, we don't watch a whole lot. We have our few shows, but not one every single night.

Sarah R. (C) 5:13 PM  

I love the quiet too. I do not have the TV on during the day unless Luke is watching something. When Eric has a weekday off it bugs me to no end that he has the TV on all day! Then at night he must have something on even if it's a show we don't normally watch.
It's nice having the second TV upstairs in our guest/playroom. It keeps a lot of the boys' shows upstairs so I don't have to endure watching Cars everyday and all the other things they like to watch over and over.

i am not 5:23 PM  

Amy, we tried cutting back a couple of years ago by making the rule that we weren't going to add any new shows. It worked for half a tv season. We had shows for each night of the week and then if a night didn't have a show, we made sure we found one!

Right now, I know I'm going to miss my Thursday night tv, but I'm not sure about anything else... Gray's, Survivor, ER, The Office, 30 Rock. All my favorites.

Jen 8:37 PM  

I've enjoyed reading your thoughts. You are bold in tackling your problem-areas. Mine are sugar and caffeine. I've been chatting a lot with God lately on how I should move forward to make some changes in my life. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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