Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Day Eight

I am shocked at how considerably easier this is than I thought it would be. Neither TV nor sugar has been incredibly difficult to give up - so far.

Today will be a test, though.

I have to iron. A lot. Like 15 - 20 shirts. And what am I going to watch or do while I iron? I can't watch tv in order to alleviate the boredom (even thought I LOVE to iron, it is still boring). So this afternoon/evening will be a test.

Ryann keeps asking me how many days we have until the tv comes back. I'm not sure she misses it as much as she likes the count down. I told the girls, though, that when the tv comes back our channel options will be severely limited due to our no longer having cable and having to watch whatever channels we can get via rabbit ears. They are very upset that they will no longer have Animal Planet. But it won't be for forever... if it is, we'll be in much more dire straits than we currently are;)

I will admit that I missed the tv last night. We finished dinner, the girls went to bed and I thought, "okay, I guess I can read - again." It didn't excite me (possibly because I just started my new Harry Potter book instead of being toward the end where it gets exciting). But I love how much I've been reading in the last week so far!

I also miss watching baseball. I enjoy listening to it on the radio, but I miss watching it, too. What if the White Sox go to the world series? Will they be on the channels that we can get with rabbit ears or will we have to watch at someone else's house? This could be an issue.

Cornbread watched the Bears opener at our friend's house on Sunday night. Three of them together made for a whole lot more fun for everyone involved (including me, the girls and the Woof who did not have to endure the tension and yelling that comes along with every Bears game). A definite bonus to not having a tv in our house and having to watch at someone else's house is that in order to do that, we also have the opportunity and an excuse to hang out with our friends - so you could say that not having a tv is a definite social/relationship bonus.

Sugar was not difficult yesterday. Although I'm finding myself continually confronted with the questions of "Would this be included in the "sugar/sweet" category?" For example, Bran Muffins. Are bran muffins really something that I need to give up? Pumpkin Raisen muffins? Did I really need to choose the sugar free jelly at breakfast on Sunday? Did I need to skip the syrup? I'm not sure what the answers are - I've chosen no on all of those things, but I don't necessarily feel like I needed to do so.

I'm not trying to torture myself... what is the point of giving up sugar for me? Back to the beginning - What is keeping me from being the person that I most want to be? Sugar is definitely high on the list. But is it SUGAR or is it sweets? Those could be definted differently, I suppose, but for this month, at least, I'm saying no to all of it.

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Amy 1:59 PM  

Ok so you probably think we're total geeks and we probably are. But once we cut down on TV we started listening to talk radio more. It's great to listen to it while you iron (which I have done). There is more than just Rush and Dr. Laura. Our regular station has a local show that's not too bad and I like Sean Hannity. Rob listens to a law show and I'm looking for a pet care show if one exists. I actually listen to Hannity on line via the Grand Rapids station because the times work out better while the kids are napping.

i am not 2:29 PM  

Amy -
I rarely ever listen to music on the radio! We are big talk radio freaks here. Dave listens to sports talk all the time and I do, too, if I can't find anything else. I especially like Roe Conn in the afternoons, although there is a good sports show on at that time. Talk radio is always on in our car - drives the girls crazy!

Jen 3:14 PM  

My problem is our computer! Are you finding you are on the computer more now that you aren't watching TV? I spent two hours on the computer last night! Blogging, photos, Facebook, surfing, checking airline rates, etc.

Kristy 10:14 AM  

Go Jana!! :) I can definately see your point to ditch the tv and I think it's awesome you put it away for a month. I'm not a big tv watcher so giving it up wouldn't bother me a bit,but my hubby & kids would die. I use to be though!! but like Jen said,I'm more of a computer gal now. Now THAT is something I need to work on. Since I've ditched babysitting I've made a list of things I'd like to add/change to my new daily routine/schedule. Now that schooling has started,the kids tv time is getting ditched for the most part. Still gotta figure this one out.

sugar vs sweets. Ineed a tough question. To me they are two entirely different things.

I've cut back on my coffee in the morning (2cups to 1,plus cut the cream & sugar down). I don't need two cups,and it's full of way too much cream & sugar. Day 3 with a slight caffiene headache,but doing good. I have a sugar free hot cider in the evenings for my warm snack. I'm addicted to sipping something hot.

thanks for letting us follow your progress :) Your highly encouraging to me!

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