Saturday, March 04, 2006


My in-laws are in town this weekend. Mom Dykstra and Grandma VanderWall came yesterday afternoon. Michelle and Tessa came later that evening and Dad Dykstra came even later. While Dave was going to get his dad from the airport we (me, mom and Michelle - Grandma had gone to Aunt Cindy's) played with the girls and put them to bed. We tried to play Old Maid with Nora, but as you can guess Ryann and Tessa were not the best observers:) Ryann and Tessa began to steal Nora's pairs and Nora got upset... then to add to the situation Nana showed Nora the Old Maid card and she completely lost it and ran into the other room. I am trying so hard to teach Nora how to actually play games - not just letting her win, trying to teach her how to be a gracious loser and a kind winner, etc - but she just couldn't take it last night. The little girls just brought her to her boiling point and Nana pushed her over the edge... She's way too cute even when she's that upset:)

Click on the pictures below to see Nana reading bedtime stories and to see the outcome of the Old Maid game...

More photos of the weekend will follow as I'm sure we have some super adventures coming our way with 4 children today and with 7 tomorrow (Uncle Bryce is being installed at Palos CRC and we will be going to their house for the reception... This will include Glen and Jennifer's kids Jordan (4) and Hope (2), Amy and Rob's daughter, Hailey (5 months), Tessa (14 months), Nora (4), Ryann (22mo) and Georgia (4mo) - should be an extremely quiet and peaceful afternoon).


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