Friday, March 24, 2006

The New Hair (3/24/06)

Remember the new hairstyle that I got a while ago? I had taken some photos of it and wasn't quite sure what I thought of it. Well, its done - I'm back to straight hair curled under like I've been wearing it for years. See photo on my profile. Reasons???

1. The flip out do was taking just way too much time to do. First I had to dry it, then clip the top layers and curl the bottom layers out, then release the next layers and curl them out, then the last layers. Waaaaaayyy too much time for me.

2. I have a thing about keeping my hair natural - my hair is straight and it wants to be straight so when I try to make it different that what it wants to be it doesn't like me very much.

3. I had to buy a really, really hot curling iron in order to get my hair to flip out that way (remember - it WANTS to be straight). Really hot as in it burns the flesh if you touch it. Really hot as in I see steam rising from my scalp while I'm curling my hair. The result of having such a hot curling iron is burnt hair/breakage. I have (perhaps had) really healthy hair - I don't color it, I use very few products on it and I basically just leave it how it wants to be - now I have some really short layers on top that the stylist did NOT cut and my hair smells like burnt hair. Bad. Bad. Bad.

I've always wanted wavy hair - we always want what we don't have, right? and this curling iron did somewhat provide that, but if my hair is not wavy then why am I damaging it in order to make it wavy? So I'm back to being straight, dirty dishwater blonde and kind of boring...


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