Monday, March 27, 2006

The big P (3/27/06)

I took all three girls to see Dr. Beautiful this afternoon (I brought our wonderful friend N along with us since he is on spring break and I needed an extra pair of hands). NG had a recheck appointment so I figured that as long as I was going to take all three with me, I'd just have the other two checked out to see if they were sick, too. Yup, they're sick. I believe RJ has pneumonia and G is getting pneumonia. So we walked out of there (after 3 $25 copays...) with the following:

* Orders for N to continue her breathing treatments for a week and to gradually ween her off of them.
* The okay to stop giving N the steroid (this was worth the $25 in my opinion)
* Prescription for antibiotics for RJ
* Prescription for nebulizer medication for RJ
* Orders to give RJ breathing treatments every 4 hours
* Prescription for a steroid for R - in case we need it
* Prescription for antibiotics for G
* Prescription for cough medicine for G
* Orders to give G breathing treatments twice a day

Did you read that carefully? We have to give 3 children breathing treatments throughout the day. Each treatment is approximately 10-15 minutes long. This is going to be wonderful... We do not need to go back for rechecks unless they are not better by next week - at least Dr. Beautiful is considerate that way;)

So if you call me this week and I don't answer the phone, its likely that I'm giving someone breathing treatments and I will call you back sometime later... But I can't spend a whole lot of time on the phone, because I've got to get back to giving someone breathing treatments. Oh my life is going to be one large breathing treatment for the next week... starting tomorrow - I'm going out for dinner tonight and Dave can begin the festivities by himself:)


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