Thursday, March 16, 2006

Referrals (3/16/06)

I threw my back out this morning while I was lifting weights. As in as I was lifting weights I felt something in my lower back/spinal area shift and now it hurts to walk, carry my kids, sit, etc. This happens about once a year or so - sometimes more, sometimes less (hence the "or so"). I took some of my Tylenol with Codein left over from having Georgia and it hasn't really helped - only made me nautious and light headed. I called my OB and my Primary Care Physician to get a referral to a chiropractor. I also called my insurance company to find out what my coverage is... After my $500 deductible they cover 80% of reasonable and customary charges and they allow 20-35 visits per person per year (there was some miscommunication about the # of visits per year that I need to follow up on). So basically it is going to be an out of pocket expense if I go to the chiropractor... and here are my issues:

* I've never been to the chiropractor before
* In general, I think they are kind of quack-ish
* Based on my above belief I'm worried that by going to an initial consult (which is free and is this afternoon) I will be given a sales pitch
* It will probably cost between $600 & $800 after it is all done
* When I do this to my back it usually resolves itself within a week or two
* If I have to go a couple of times a week for several weeks it is going to be a HUGE hassle trying to figure out what to do with the girls that often

AND here is my biggest concern:* Neither of my doctors would give a referral to a chiropractor.

So, any thoughts? Has anyone gone to one? Did it help? What do you think about my doctors not referring out to the chiropractor? Would that be a red flag to you? Any other thoughts or advice about this situation?


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