Saturday, March 04, 2006

Three is enough (3/4/06)

We babysat Tessa (14 mo) tonight. She is an absolute doll and is so good (especially since we didn't have to have her over night:) HOWEVER, it was a definite bolster to our thoughts of "NO MORE KIDS!"

We go to church at 4:30 on Saturday nights - we decided to go tonight even though we had one more child. So... we had 4 children and the options of transportation were a pontiac Sunfire and a Toyota Camry. We currently have 3 carseats in the Camry - tight, but it works. There was no way we were squeezing in a fourth so Dave drove the Sunfire with Nora and Tessa I drove the camry with Ryann and Georgia. Driving wasn't the issue - getting them in and out of the car and bringing them into and out of the church was the issue. Georgia was in the carseat carrier so I had to carry her. Tessa is pretty new to walking so she really needed to be carried. Ryann just walks too slowly and gets too distracted by the random particles of dust on the sidewalk so she needed to be carried. Nora walked by herself. Hmmm. Let's see - three children to be carried, two adults, four arms. Lets just say my arms were very tired and sore.

Other than those 10 minutes of getting everyone loaded into the cars and brought into or out of church, everything was smooth. They are all really good girls, which made it pretty easy. HOWEVER, Ryann and Tessa are both in that stage where they just pick stuff up and carry it somewhere and drop it. So needless to say, it isn't worth picking up the house and we're just living in a bigger mess than usual. Its all good, though - we love our little Tessita and are so happy to spend time with her when she's in town (she lives in DC)!

No photos tonight - there just wasn't enough hands or time...


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