Thursday, March 09, 2006

Four Months (3/9/06)

Georgia is 4 months today. She is still a doll but comes with her own set of frustrations - like why in the heck is she waking up at 4am again after two weeks of sleeping through the night???? The fan came out again two nights ago... As usual I am wracking my brain trying to figure her out - growth spurt? teething? hungry? just a pain in the bum? who knows? I have not noticed any other signs of a growth spurt - she is eating normally and not acting like she wants to eat more or more often than usual. I have tried to feed her some rice cereal yesterday and today and she wasn't that interested or excited about it (however, Nathan, David and I each tried a taste of the rice cereal and I can see why she would not be too excited about it - I was gagging. YUCK!) But she didn't scream about it either. So I think we'll continue to try once or twice a day to get her used to the idea. I think she has shown some signs of teething, but I thought it was getting a little better than it had been over the weekend. And again, she isn't starving when I feed her at 8 am. So I have no clue about why she is waking up again. I think she cried or fussed last night from 4:30 until 5.

She rolled over from front to back yesterday for the first time and we all got very, very excited for her. Nora and Ryann and I were clapping and cheering for her - I think we scared her:) She is more and more comfortable on her stomach for longer periods of time, but still ends up screaming after a while (as all babies do, I believe). She is generally an extremely happy and content baby, but definitely has her times of wanting to be held - usually an hour or so before her naps. We also hear her chatting to her White Sox bears (her crib mobile) for long periods of time. She is very chatty and I just love to hear her talking. She is also quite amused by Nora and Ryann and I find her smiling at them quite often. Nora is good about entertaining her for short periods of time and likes to tickle her and try to make her laugh by making funny faces at her. The attention that Ryann shows her is usually in the form of poking something in her face - a finger, a plastic doll bottle, a pacifier. Sometimes Georgia is amused, other times she gets mad. I hope the three of them turn into good friends - I am anxious to see their relationships develop over time.

As I've said before, we're really enjoying having a baby in the house. I am a little sick of the guessing game, though. I don't remember when that stops - trying to figure out what is causing this thing or that thing and how I can make her stop or start doing something. I guess the first year is basically trial and error and guessing, but I sure am sick of it. Maybe because we just got out of that stage with Ryann and now we're back to it. Oh well - she's going to be big before we know it so I'm trying to enjoy what she is doing NOW and not constantly think about what she might do next that might make things a little easier, a little more convenient, a little more quiet, etc. I have a tendency to do that and feel like I missed out on Ryann's babyhood because of it. Its the issue of balance again - always a struggle in my life it seems...


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