Thursday, March 30, 2006

Breathing treatments x3 (3/30/06)

Do I dare say this? Breathing treatments x3 has not been a big deal. In fact, it has allowed me to be even more scheduled than I already was. I THRIVE on schedules and routine (as you may know from my 100 list) and fitting these treatments in seemed a bit daunting and overwhelming when I first thought about it, but actually it hasn't been bad. Kind of like what I imagine have triplets or quadruplets would be like - like an assembly line. One is done, get the medicine together for the next, okay, she's done, get the medicine for the next, and she's done. It takes about an hour for it all, but it is working out just fine. And I think Ryann and Georgia kind of like their treatments because it is 15 minutes of sitting on my lap without the other two distracting us. Just quiet lap time. I guess I kind of like it, too, to be honest. I don't get much of that so being forced to do it has been a good thing. Or maybe I should say I don't take the time to do that very often since I feel like I always need to be doing something - I don't often just sit with my girls and I should do that more often.


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