Friday, March 17, 2006

The chiropractor (3/17/06)

I went to the chiropractor yesterday for a consultation. This guy is really nice. Dave knows him through the Chamber of Commerce and has told him and his staff that I'm very skeptical of the whole idea so I think they were treating me extra special:)

He did an initial exam to find out what the problem is and took xrays of my lower back. He noticed right away that my hips are slightly uneven and that could be part of the issue. Ultimately he believes the joints in the small of my back and hips are the issue - it isn't a slipped disk or anything. Because the joints are having problems it is causing muscle spasms and knots back there. He took xrays, though, to be certain and to find out if there is any degenerative issues going on causing bone spurs. So he did some stretching and an adjustment on each side. HOLY COW! I have given birth to two babies without a single drug and no pain medication afterward - I believe that this split second adjustment was worse pain than childbirth. Then I did 15 minutes of electric stimulus and chair massage. I have an appointment this afternoon to see my xrays and find out a course of treatment AND the cost of this whole process.

I'm still skeptical. Could I spend the same amount of money on a couple of good massages and enjoy myself and get better? If I get treated this time will it prevent the same issue from happening again? I can clearly remember having this same issue in my dorm room in Veenstra freshman year - so it has been happening for a long time BUT not often (maybe once or twice a year). I just don't know what to think about this whole thing - if I can get treated now and not have this happen again it will be worth it... Thoughts? Advice?


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