Friday, February 10, 2006

Dreams of the Fan (2/10/06)

I'm pretty sure that babies are supposed to gradually sleep more throughout the night and eventually sleep entirely through the night. What is the problem with my baby, then? She is driving me insane.

When Georgia was first born she would regularly sleep from midnight until 5am. Then gradually it turned into 11:30-4, then 11 - 4, then 10:30-4, then up at 8. Now suddenly she's decided that it might be nice to get a pacifier sometime inbetween there and to get up earlier in the morning. Last night I saw her at 2:30 for a pacifier/mobile moment, then again at 4:20 to feed her, then again at 6:40 for a pacifier/mobile moment, again at 6:45, 6:50, and 7:00 before she finally fell back to sleep until I got out of the shower at 7:45. What is going on??? I actually felt pretty good with the once a night feeding - was functioning well and my body seemed to be well adjusted to it. Now I'm dying. I'm at the breaking point, emotionally, almost all the time - near tears and about ready to lose it all the time. This morning she then cried for an hour between 9 & 10 and I couldn't find the tv remote and called Dave sobbing.

How soon is too soon to turn on the fan to drown out the sound of her crying over night? She is so darn cute, but I can't handle this for much longer.


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