Monday, February 27, 2006

The tales (or tails...) of the fish (2/27/06)

Alright, we're down two more fish. Dave's beloved Black lyre-tailed molly died a couple of days ago. I found him stuck between the rock and the plant laying on the bottom. I thought he was just caught so I went to free him and sure enough he was dead, dead, dead. I will take a moment to memorialize him:

I had named him Fonzie. He was all black. He was cool. He could command the other fish to do what he want at the flip of his fin. The Fonze seemed like a fitting name. He was the leader in the tank. He ate first. He was active and fun to watch. Our Mr. Fonzerelli will be missed.

Okay, so we were down 1. The very next day (actually about 12 hours later) I found one of the new tetras lying on the bottom in the exact same spot. Weird??? I fished (ahem) him out and flushed him. Nora has gotten quite adjusted to the flushing of the fish, by the way:) So we're down two. Last night before we went to bed I fed our friends and notice that I couldn't find one of the guppies (this one was named Ralph). We searched and searched. Finally Dave moved the large rock and it swam out of the hole and went directly to the corner of the tank and laid down on the rocks. What? Then he swam over to the same spot that The Fonze and the other fish had died and laid there. Huh??? This is just strange. He didn't look too good and we considered just flushing him right away, but Dave wanted to let him die in peace. This morning I fed the fish before doing my Tae Bo with the intention of fishing Ralphie out and flushing him, but lo and behold he was swimming like crazy and having a good old time with his other guppy pal, Richie The C.

We're on fish watch, my friends, and trying to figure out what is going on. I will keep you updated.

Would anyone like to guess what our speckled molly is named???


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