Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Marker Escapade (2/15/06)

Earlier today Nora had come upstairs while I was ironing and was messing around in her bathroom. Not unusual. She came in by me after a few minutes and says, "Mom, Barney gave me polka spots!" (Barney is her joined-at-the-hip imaginary friend). Polka Spots - way too cute!
Then, while I was picking up Nora and Ryann's room and then putting Georgia to bed for her 6pm nap, Nora and Ryann were downstairs watching cartoons... I thought. They were pretty quiet, but this is not unusual. After putting Georgia to bed, I quickly called Dave to ask him to stop at the grocery store on his way home. In walks Ryann indicating that she needed her diaper changed. So off we went to change her diaper. It was not until I got her up on the changing table that I noticed that she had marker all over her face and her hands. "Uh oh", I thought - "I wonder what else has marker on it downstairs." Soon after that thought left my brain our resident artist comes upstairs yelling, "Mom! Look at my glove!" I looked and was horrified - Nora had colored her entire hand and most of her arm with blue marker. She was so proud and does not want me to wash it off. I, too, am proud of my little creative genius!

I just had to get pictures to show you:) Please note the following: You can click on the pictures to make them larger AND check out Nora's face - she has marker all over it from wiping her face with her glove;)


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