Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Last Night (2/14/06)

I had a date last night. With myself. It was lovely and I think I will go out with myself again - every week, in fact.

I go to a Bible study on Monday nights so I figured that since I'm already out and the Bible study is finished by 8:30, then I should just stay out and find a place to be by myself for an hour and read a book. Holy cow! I haven't read a book in a long, long time! So last night I went to Starbucks for my first date. Ordered my Grande Decaf, Black and got it for free because they didn't have any decaf brewed and I had to wait. So my date began well - who can complain about free coffee?

I sat in Starbucks and read my new book, Devil in the White City, by Erik Larson. This is a fictional, yet factual account of the murders that ocurred during the World's Fair in Chicago in 1893. So far I am enjoying it and have heard great things about it. If any of you have read it, let me know what you think.

I liked my date. It was nice to sit by myself without anyone crawling on me and no random barking for no reason to get on my nerves. I needed it - Georgia had a bad, bad night on Sunday night and I needed to get out. I was exhausted and thought about just going home and going right to bed instead, but I'm glad I opted to go on my date.

HOWEVER, the date wasn't perfect. Either Starbucks' decaf coffee is so strong that the trace amounts of caffeine in it affected me, or my lovely friends at Starbucks mistakenly gave me regular coffee and not decaf. When Georgia woke up at 1:30 last night (yes, you read that right - 1 fricken 30), I let her cry. I got up and turned the fan on but still heard her fussing over the fan (she was fussing, not crying - there is a difference). She stopped fussing at 2:30, but I didn't fall asleep until about 3:15. I just felt wired - like I would feel if I had drank a pot of regular coffee. I still feel it a little bit now. So that was lovely. But what was lovelier was that I fell asleep around 3:15 and Georgia was back up crying at 3:39. I let her cry (this time she was cying, not fussing). She cried for 15 minutes and slept until I woke her up at 7:30. I was expecting her to be screaming mad and hungry in the morning, but she was so happy and smiley. So the fan will be our new best friend. There is hope my friends!


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