Monday, February 20, 2006

Whats the deal? (2/20/06)

Alright, I'm ticked. I have been faithfully watching what I eat - eating enough to continue nursing, but not going overboard. I have stayed within my point limit each day (weight watchers) and have not done any cheating. I worked out on 5 mornings last week (one less than my usual 6, missed a day due to Georgia's poor sleeping pattern). I did Tae Bo 3 days and lifted weights for 45 minutes 2 days. I have been drinking the necessary amounts of water each day. I have altered my diet so that I am getting most of my points through good, healthy food, rather than try to fill in points with sugary, sweet food. So why the HECK did I GAIN .4 this week??? So far my 4 week journey goes like this:
Week 1: -3.6
Week 2: No change
Week 3: -.8
Week 4: +.4

What?? I get so frustrated with the whole nursing situation. It is important - very important and not to mention free. HOWEVER, it is so frustrating for me. I need to drink enough water, but not TOO MUCH water. Going to the extreme in either direction diminishes the amount of milk one produces. Great - so what is the PERFECT amount of water to drink? I need to eat enough calories to produce milk, but if I eat too many calories, I will gain weight... So what is the exact amount of food that I need to eat? I'm eating healthy and am trying to balance my eating throughout the day - in other words, I have a tendency to not eat much during the day and then try to eat all the rest of my points at night before I go to bed. I have been intentionally trying to spread my points out through the day so that I'm not trying to eat 10 points before I go to bed.

So what do I need to do differently? So frustrated. So frustrated. Am going to Florida the first week of May and desperately do NOT want to be 30 lbs overweight when we go. Ideally would like to at least be able to see my ankles and perhaps not have fat hanging off of my waist. And I REALLY do not want to have to buy a "fat wardrobe" for Florida. I understand that I just had a baby, buy I'm really not enjoying being fat. I know it is my own fault for eating all of that ice cream while I was pregnant, but it was soooo good and soooo fun and Raegan was shoving it down my throat:) Ahhhhgg!

I'm going to chalk it all up to the fact that I'm so strong and have so much muscle and am so buff - you know, muscle weighs more than fat.

Okay - so any ideas from anyone? Do I cut my points? Currently I'm allowed 30 points per day because I'm nursing (normally I would get 20/day). Should I try to cut them down to 28? 26? Should I try to increase them to 32 (sometimes eating a little more increases the metabolism)? Should I stick to it and hope that things start changing? Should I change my workouts (currently 3 days of tae bo - 35 minutes each - and 3 days of heavy weight lifting - 2 days arms, 1 day legs, and vice versa - arms = 45 minutes, legs = 30 minutes)?

I know I'm ranting and probably not making much sense, but I'm very sick of being fat.


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