Monday, February 20, 2006

My lovely hubby (2/20/06)

Yesterday I woke up sick of being a mom. I was just plain tired of doing it all... being responsible for so many people and things, being depended on by so many people and things, having so many responsibilities, not having much time to myself, etc. The list goes on. I am not complaining about my kids or the fact that I have kids - I love them - but every so often I just want to be an individual again and be alone... yesterday was one of those times.

Dave, being the wonderful man that he is, came downstairs after breakfast, gave me a hug and told me to go out by myself after church, go shopping, go read a book at Borders, or whatever. Just give him a schedule for Georgia and he would take care of it all while I spent some time by myself. He is awesome.

So I went shopping. BY MYSELF. For 5 hours. Just went here and there and anywhere I wanted to go - without getting a child into a car seat. It was very nice:) I have a fantastic husband - truly blessed, I am.


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