Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sleep will come (2/23/06)

I am pleased to announce that Georgia is now sleeping through the night successfully (8:45pm - 6am with a bottle at 10:30pm). YEA!!! Hopefully I will start sleeping through the night soon, too:)

We used the fan for one week. One week of internal torture as I tried to decide if she really needed to eat during the night or not and if it was mean to just ignore her. Here were the circumstances:

- Previous to the fan she was waking up for a pacifier around 2/2:30, up to eat at 3:30/4 and up for a pacifier around 5 or 6. I was an emotional wreck from the constantly interrupted sleep and only getting a couple of hours at a time.
- The first night with the fan was a long one. We used the wrong fan and could hear her over the fan. She fussed from 1:30-2:30, cried from 3:39-4:00 and sometime again in the morning. When I fed her at 7:45am she wasn't starving - in other words, she was NOT screaming the next morning because she was hungry and when she ate, she wasn't eating like she was so terribly hungry - not incredibly interested would be a better description.
- For the next week I woke up at 2:30 - no crying. Around 4:10 I thought I heard crying, but let her cry, then again around 6.
- By Monday morning (this past Monday) I was trying to decide if I should get up and feed her at the 4:10 cry-athon. One more night...
- Again on Monday night I heard her crying at 4:10 but let her cry. On Tuesday morning I decided I would get up and feed her at the 4:10 cry-athon that night.
- Tuesday night - I woke up at 4:10 and thought I heard her crying over the fan. Got up to feed her, but at the doorway I realized she wasn't crying - it was ringing in my ears. Perhaps she had not really been crying at 4:10 for the last couple of nights, but maybe my ears were ringing (which I have been experiencing since she was born).
- Again last night she slept through the night and woke up at 6am. Now I need to figure out how to get her to sleep longer in the morning, but so far she has been doing just fine with getting up at 6 and waiting to eat until 7:30/7:45 (I work out sometime between 6:15 & 7:15).

So my dilemma has been solved. No need to get up and feed her at 4am. As I suspected, she does not need to eat during the night anymore. At some point I'm hoping that my sleep cycle reverts back to sleeping the whole night through rather than waking up at those intervals (2:30, 4 and 5). She is doing really well during the day and seems to be eating and sleeping better during the day since we began this process.

She is currently trying very hard to roll from back to front. She spends much of her time on her side watching what is going on behind her. She just needs to figure out how to get her little bum up and over and how to move her arm out from underneath her so she can roll over completely. She is such a good, good baby and we are really enjoying having her around. I know that probably sounds awful, but we had such a horrible, horrible first 9 months with Ryann and I was really dreading having a baby in the house again for that reason. She has been a complete pleasure, though, and I'm enjoying her so much. We love our Georgia Bug!


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