Friday, July 07, 2006


Do you know what a smeller is? Very simple - A smeller is someone who just LOOKS like he/she smells. I have a list of them:

Jack Nicholson (some people get smellier as they get older)
Johnny Depp
Al Pacino
Jack Black
Axl Rose
Okay, basically anyone who was in an 80s hairband

That is a short list. If given enough time, I might be able to come up with some more... This is often a topic of conversation in our house. One of us sees someone on tv or a movie and we just look at the other and say "Smeller" and nothing more needs to be said. However, last night Dave told me that one of the girls on So You Think You Can Dance is a smeller and I absolutely disagree. I have final say in the smeller categorization in our house and my answer to whether or not Heidi is a smeller is NO.

My question for you this weekend is: Who do you think is a smeller? Give me some names, people.


Melissa :) 4:19 PM  

You have entirely toooooooo much time on your hands. LOL!!! ;)

I would give anything if you guys lived closer. We could do some major damage at church, too. ;)

Melissa again :) 4:21 PM  

Ummmmm, where's you flippin' email address? It's not located on the main page!?!?

Melissa yet again :) 4:22 PM  

Pardon me, I meant to say "your" not "you". Texas slang, Texas slang. :)

Carol 6:42 AM  

I'm trying to's not that they smell bad, right? My cousin and I used to call people that were dorky weird but very clean cut a "soap fart". Like Ross Perot or Bill Gates.

biermadoc 10:42 AM  

Can you be a sometimes smeller? Some days Matthew Mcconaughey and Ben Affleck look Ok and other pictures look smeller. How about Hurley on LOST? JD I can't get the links on the side of your blog to connect to anything?

Mommy Brain 11:55 AM  

Earl and his brother, Patrick from spongebob and Bill Hybels...not especially bad smeller just too much smell.

Mommy Brain 11:56 AM  

the links work for na na na na na!

JD 12:20 PM  

Normally I would disagree with the Matthew McConaughey, but I did find a smelly picture of him. He is kind of a smeller sometimes...

Matthew McConaughey
Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck, too, can be quite a smeller sometimes.

Here are some other ones I thought of:

Johnny Damon

Manny Ramirez

Don't you want to yell, "Dude, take a bath!"?

JD 12:23 PM  

Matthew McConaughey

Hopefully that one works for you.

JD 12:31 PM  

Hurley is definitely a smeller (on the show)


Earl's brother

amanda 2:53 PM  

Oh...that pic of Matty...I don't care how 'smelly' he looks...he always looks yummy to me! :)
Actually, he said on Oprah that he doesn't wear deodorant...he likes to smell 'natural'. I guess I'd have to see what 'natural' is for him before I could judge whether he actually stinks or not.

Jen 4:26 PM  

I was so gonna say Manny Ramirez too. I'm also gonna go wtih Jack Black and Chris Farley (rest his soul)

Jen 4:28 PM  

OK, i see you already had Jack Black. I'm also going to add Reese Witherspoon in a good way. I bet she smells pretty. . .

Carol 7:18 AM  

You'll have to teach me how to do that cool link thing...
Here are a couple:
Robbie Coltrane
Hugo Weaving
Nick Nolte-the later years
Weird Al Yankovic
Chewbacca (as Chewbacca)

Tim 12:30 PM  

All of the band of U2 and Green Day. Have to smell bad, because baths are bad for the enviroment.

JD 2:06 PM  

Robbie Coltrane Don't know who this guy is, but yes, he's a smeller.

Hugo Weaving Again - no clue, but YES - definitely smelly

How could I have forgotten Nick Nolte

Weird Al

And I think Chewbacca is a given since he (he?) is an animal (right?) and probably licks himself.

Green Day - YES, all smelly. U2 - not so much, sorry;)

Mommy Brain 2:21 PM  

Nick Nolte...YUCK!

Melissa :) 9:27 AM  

Good ol' Kevin Federline. I'm not sure that's how you spell his last name, but you know, Brittany Spears' hubby. SMELLER! Yuck!

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