Tuesday, February 21, 2006

We're up 6 more and down 1 (2/21/06)

I thought our fish tank was kind of empty. 30 gallons of water and 6 smallish fish = empty fish tank in my book.

The Sunday ad for one of the big pet stores advertised neons, black neons, guppies and tetras for $1 each. In my dutch world getting anything for half price is such a bargain you can barely turn it down... soooo off to PetCo we went. Me and the three yahoos went to pick out some new fish to bring home as companions to our current batch (did I mention I took them by myself - no help. I'm getting so brave as I inch closer to 30).

I really, really wanted neons - kind of a nostalgic thing... we had neons in our fish tank when I was growing up so because of that I think they are the perfect addition for our quiet tank. They were sold out. Apparently there are quite a few dutch people in the SW suburbs of Chicago itching to get fish at half price:) So I talked to the guy there and decided on the white tetras (can't put too many guppies in a tank because they get territorial and pick on each other - they were my second choice because they're pretty). We got 6 tetras - $1 each, plus I had a coupon for $2 off so I got 6 fish for $4 - quite a steal if you ask me!! One was floating this morning when we woke up, but we are up 5.

And the verdict: There are too many fish in our tank. I don't like it. I feel like it looks like a pet store fish tank. The tetras are too big. I want neons.


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