Monday, July 10, 2006

8 months

Georgia is 8 months.
Here is a snapshot of how our Bug is fairing these days:
*Sleeping: up around 7/7:30, out of bed around 8am. Nap: 10-12/12:15, Nap: 2:30-5/5:15, Bed: 8pm

*Eating: 8oz bottle in the morning (she usually drinks 6oz), some cereal, Lunch: 6 oz. bottle, 1/2 jar meat/veggies, 1/2 jar fruit & some kind of finger food (frozen veggies, bread, cheese), Dinner: same as lunch

* Not crawling yet and not even rocking on all fours. Still does not like to be on her tummy and yells if she falls over and stays on her tummy for too long. She gets around by moving on her bum. While she's sitting up she leans over like she's going to get on all fours but never does, then she moves herself over or turns around. Like this -------------->

* She is a talky talk - thats what we call the babblers in our house. She is ALWAYS chattering and screeching. She says a lot of gaga's and dada's and I'm pretty sure she imitated me saying Da-dee a couple of weeks ago. Of course, she has no idea what she is saying, but I'm certain she said it. At this point, when I hear how much she talks, I now realize how much Ryann did NOT talk at this age. Ryann did not do any of this...

* She loves to play with her toys on the floor and no longer likes to be in the exersaucer. If I put her in there she is complaining within 5 minutes because she'd rather be on the floor where she can move around.

* She has her 2 bottom teeth and her smile is adorable:)

* She likes to eat any table food I give her. Loves green beans. Loves avocado. Loves corn. Loves pancakes - whatever. She very much enjoys trying anything.

* She likes to pet Brady and watches him walk through the room.

* She LOVES to watch Nora and Ryann play. Here she is watching Ryann run from the bathroom to the bedroom ->

She is a true delight - always a smile on her face, rarely fussy, rarely crying. I really thank God every night for this wonderful surprise - I've gotten so much more than just another child when He surprised us with her - a new appreciation for babies (Ryann kind of soured my opinion of having babies;), and a new friend. I would say that this was a win win win thing that happened in our lives. Never in a million years would I have guessed, while crying about the positive pregnancy test, about all of the many ways my life would be changed with this pregnancy and child.

Apparently I can't add more photos to this post, so I'll do an additional post of just pictures - because you HAVE to see how cute she is;)


Amanda 1:22 PM  

What a sweet little girl! Isn't it funny how those little 'surprises' change our lives? Adam was a surprise, and he was so great, we decided a 4th would be fine! :)
I think I mentioned to you on one of Doni's Weight Loss threads that I love the name Georgia (when she was born). It's been in the back of my mind over the past year (since my m/c last summer). My grandpa's name is George, and I really want to honor him in some way with this next baby's name. So, if I end up with some form of Georgia in my baby's name (if it's a girl), don't think I 'stole' it from you!!! :)

JD 1:55 PM  

Amanda - no worries here since I "stole" it from someone else;)

Mommy Brain 2:19 PM  

My third was a complete surprise, cry over the pregnancy test, wonder how I will ever survive baby too. And he too was the most delightful baby...amazing because his sister was the most undelightful baby, and has turned our to be such a great friend and sibling. I think it must be the third child thing or just God decided to bless us with an easy one after such a difficult one. Anyway, I'm so happy for you that you have her...what a wonderful tribute you have written!

Missy 2:42 PM  

Jana, I cried too with the fourth. We thought we were done with Eric, God knows better :) Thank heavens his plans far exceed what our minds can come up with! Not only did I cry but I convinced myself I couldn't tell Rick! LOL Wonder how long I would have gotten away with that....duh! Your Georgia sounds like a gem. I enjoyed reading about her milestones.

Jen 6:37 PM  

Love the piggy tails! She really is getting big. . .our 3rd girl is such a fun suprise too.

But ya know what I wish I had named her? GEORGIA!!

BTW Amanda, I was the one Jana "stole" it from~~as if one could actually "steal" a name. Especially since we never even used it. But I will with Girl #4 :-)

kkoois 9:56 AM  

awww, sweet little georgia. she is so cute! and i love the pigtails!
hope i get to see her soon.

JD 10:22 AM  

Kim you could see her whenever you wanted to IF YOU WOULD MOVE BACK HOME!

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