Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sometimes I'm mushy

When Georgia was in the hospital for pneumonia (remember - she was 6 weeks old? Just thought I'd remind you of the terrifying situation;) a friend of mine gave me this book. The book has maybe 100 pages (they aren't numbered) and each page or every other page has a quote about friendship on it. To be honest, when she first gave it to me, I kind of looked at it and thought, "This is nice" and figured I'd look at it in more depth later. I kind of tucked it away and didn't do anything with it until I found it two weeks ago while doing my secret project. Since finding it, I have read and re-read every page many times. I've thought and thought and thought while holding the book. Finally I decided that I wanted to think of a friend that I'm reminded of by each quote and write something about him or her.

I'm hoping that in my lifetime God will bless me with enough friends to fill every page. I'm hoping that at some point I will be able to share my thoughts with each of these friends personally, if I haven't already. I find it is difficult to stumble upon a conversation or a situation that lends itself to sharing my true feelings about someone to that person (sorry - I think that was a pretty bad sentence, but I don't know how else to say that). Having this book has helped me be intentional about thinking about how I feel about my friends and putting my feelings into words. My words may not be incredibly eloquent or articulate (see sentence above LOL!), but actually putting my feelings about my friends onto paper has been incredibly cathartic for me. Taking the time to really - I mean really - think about what my friends mean to me has been intensely gratifying.

I'd like to offer you a glimpse into my friendships every so often (okay, basically when I feel a need to blog, but my life is too boring to have something to blog about). I'm not going to do these in order of how much I love these people or in any particular order whatsoever, so please don't be offended if I don't start with you:)

"How life catches up with us and teaches us to love and forgive each other."
-Judy Collins. B.1939
Why did it take so long for us to get along and like each other? It took 22 years for us to get along and 3 more years for us to really like each other. I love you. Out of everyone, you are truly my best friend. You know me, you understand me, you allow me to be myself completely. You laugh with me and at me and you make me laugh like no one else in my life. No one.
I love you and I know I don't tell you often enough. I am honored to be able to call you my best friend and to have a lifetime of memories of you and with you.
I wish we lived closer. I'm not just saying that - I really, really long to have you closer, geographically. I want to have coffee once a week, to work on our houses together, to babysit each others kids, to go out for drinks, to do everything together. I want to share our lives - for real, not just over the phone. I miss you and I love you.
Side note: Cara - do NOT call me and get all mushy on the phone with me;) You know how I don't like to talk about these things. I'm dutch and I have no feelings whatsoever so don't try to talk to me about them - I'm fine.


Mommy Brain 8:32 PM  

What an AWESOME and very mushy post. You made me cry and I don't even know Cara. Your elequent words are inspiring and show that you truly know your best friend. I wished you two lived closer too!

Heaven Sent 10:13 PM  

So sweet! I can't wait to read the rest... This mushy stuff looks nice on you! :o)

Carol 10:37 PM  

That is awesome! Isn't it great to have someone(s) that allow you to be yourself completely? I love that feeling! That is so awesome...oh, I already said that. Just call her and get all mushy!! It's okay to do that once in awhile!

Melissa again :) 10:57 PM  

You are so fortunate you have a best friend. You have seen me comment before regarding best friends. I don't have a best friend. I don't have any friends, really. LOL! Not to rain on your parade....just stressing how I think it's so great, so great for you & Cara, to have such a wonderful relationship. So special, & so fun. I wish every girl/woman on earth was blessed with a best friend. I envy you. :)

one hot momma 1:07 AM  

ok, if you don't want to be mushy will you please answer the one question we've all been asking...what's with the red hair and the accordian! We're waiting...:")
oh, and having best friends doesn't just have to be all mushy, sometimes it can be funny too...huh Carol and Christine?

Amanda 8:03 AM  

Melissa, I hear you! It seems that I have a bunch of friends, but not really ONE person that I can totally be myself with (besides my husband). Jana, you are very blessed!!!

Melissa again :) 8:57 AM  

Amanda - exactly! :)

Cara 5:23 PM  

Great Lana, as if I didn't feel bad enough about the maid of honor thing. Still the single most asinine decision in my entire life. Still talk about it to this day with you have no idea how many people.

I already knew how you felt. I'm fine, too. ;-)

mom 1:00 PM  

I've always wanted a sister and be able to feel this way. You guys just . . .just . . .make me so happy!

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