Thursday, July 13, 2006


Melissa:) brought another smeller to my attention:

Kevin Federline - I'm sorry, but no matter how many baths this guy takes, he always looks like he smells.

I also thought of another one - a female... I think the female smeller is a rare breed, but here is one: (I'm afraid to post her name because what if she googles her name and my blog comes up and she reads that I called her a smeller and she comes to kick my bum? I'm a little scared of her - she looks like she could be terrifying in real life. So I will just say that her name is "A color" - the color that my girls' clothes are when they are born. Enough said, I think)


Melissa again :) 1:52 PM  

ROFL! My favorite color in the whole world! ;)

And, do you really think K-Fed actually bathes? I don't. He doesn't look the part. And to me, if you continuously braid your hair, that means you don't take the time to clean it.

kkoois 2:22 PM  

i'm still a little confused on exactly what a "smeller" is. is it just someone who looks like they smell bad? or someone who looks like how they probably smell, good or bad? i completely understand the k-fed example, but what about a rose queen, for instance? she seems like she would smell nice, like roses. would that be a smeller?

tim 4:57 PM  

Tonya Harding has to smell bad and she can kick my but

Mommy Brain 7:28 AM  

and you'd like it!

tim 8:48 AM  

sick and wrong, she is more Doug's type

Amanda 9:33 AM  

Kim, I think it's got a negative connotation. Like stinky...smelly...greasy...get it?

Heaven Sent 1:19 PM  

K-Fed all the way and that little wifey of his... can someone please explain that you are supposed to wash the eye make-up off your face EVERY DAY!!

Amanda 2:50 PM  

Just thought of another one after I saw that he's marrying Pam Anderson...KID ROCK...definite smeller!!!!

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