Friday, July 14, 2006

Whats in YOUR wallet?

I think we can safely assume that there is absolutely nada in my wallet. However, there is always an interesting array of items in my pocket every night. I have a baby who is about ready to crawl and who puts absolutely everything in her mouth. Not really a problem - EXCEPT... I also have a 2 year old who picks things up and deposits them wherever she happens to get an idea to do something else. Consequently I have many things all over the place... remember I told you about the plunger next to the front door?

H-anyways, I am constantly walking through the house and picking things up off of the floor as I go. I always put the small things in my pocket to take care of later. At the end of the night I have a pocketful of "stuff".

Last night's pocket contents:
*5 barrettes - 1 tiny (yellow), 1 medium (white), 3 large (black, pink, purple).
*1 pony tail holder - red
*5 screws from the secret project
*1 bracelet
*$.50 - 1 quarter, 1 nickle, 1 dime, 10 pennies (and yes they all came off of the floor).

Tonight when you get ready for bed and empty your pockets, take inventory and tell me - Whats in YOUR pockets?


Carol 3:14 PM  

I like it best when I find money...but bills are preferable. One day I put a pair of jeans on that I hadn't worn in over a year I figured, because I found a cig butt in the pocket and had gone through the wash. BTW, I quit smoking last July 28! the new blog look and love the links! You are awesome!

Amanda 4:09 PM  

Well, I can safely tell you that at the end of the day there will be nothing in my pockets. I have on a pair of maternity capris with NO's driving me nuts!!! :)

Melissa again :) 5:05 PM  

Who has pockets? I wear my husband's underwear when I'm at home. LOL! ;)

Missy 5:08 PM  

Jana, I'm the same way, I walk around contanstly and deposit things in my pockets and for the itmes to big I have a "pile" spot upstairs of stuff that needs to go down and a "pile" spot downstairs for stuff that needs to go up. I never seem to find money. One of the harards of teenagers. They can smell it! LOL
Like the new look.

Mommy Brain 10:10 PM  

There was a time when I would pick up legos after I had stepped on them and eventually return them to their rightful I just throw them away...I know mean mommy!

JD 10:55 PM  

not mean at all. i used to save all of those lite brite pieces because the girls used them as "money". oh and i have this notion in my head that when i finally have the gigantic garage sale that i will be able to sell all of my toys with all of the correct pieces... um, yeah. now i throw the lite brite pieces away.

Mommy Brain 7:56 AM  

nice new look, makes me feel this ungodly heat. Is that a picture of you or just some random acordian player?

Jen 8:43 AM  

wow. . .pretty. . .love the new look!

The only thing in my pockets in a pacifier of Greta's. Everything else is in a box. Including toilet paper. . .oops.

kkoois 8:53 AM  

you don't want to know what's in my pocket...

love the new look! you really are a professional now!

Missy 10:18 AM  

Having a hard time making up your mind on your blog look! LOL It looks wonderful. I like the blues, although I liked the greens too. Where is your link for the couch to 5K? I'm starting Monday, and wanted to look at that plan again.

Amanda 12:57 PM  

Missy, look under the 'cool running' link...that has couch to 5K on it. :)

Carol 8:28 PM  

so was your secret project a corner of a room for your computer? or did you dye your hair red and learn the accordian for your secret project?

JCarey 5:58 PM  

My kids love to do laundry as it is their most profitable work due to my pockets. I have washed my wallet on numerous occassions and can tell you that most things in a wallet hold up fairly well. Because of my bad neck/back - I have been purseless for 4 years and have decreased aches. My pockets always carry: keys, phone, money and on occassion a wallet. Rarely anything else though.

Amanda 3:36 PM  

Girl, I'm in need of some humor today...PLEASE update!!!! :)

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