Saturday, July 29, 2006

I hate Comcast

The title has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but had to get it out. I hate them. I don't use that word often as I believe it is a terribly ugly and usually unnecessary word, however, Comcast deserves that word directed at them. Not only are their services beyond expensive and we don't have a choice because there is no competition, but their service sucks. There. I've said it. Its out and now I feel better (okay, I don't really feel better, but I kind of feel better... I'd really feel better if I had another option.)

On to nicer, mushier things. Another mushy post (for explanation please see this).

"Our different homes perhaps a continent apart. All my dear friends.
Known only for a brief time and sometimes so long ago,
but alive forever in my mind and heart."
- Helen Thomson. B.1943

Jug and Apaya

You thought I was special at a time that I really, really needed to be special. You guys treated me like a princess and thought I could do no wrong. You liked me. You were 28 & 25. I was 19, but you enjoyed hanging out with me. You called me. You helped me become the person I am. You helped me, unknowingly, develop a confidence that I'd never had before. I have no idea where you are or what happened to you... For 18-24 months you were in my life. You changed me and I thank you.


Amanda 10:11 PM  

Aaaaggggghhh!!! We JUST switched to Comcast! :P

Carol 7:39 AM  

Jug and Apaya sound very dear to you. Would you want to find them again? I don't know if I would have anyone to fit those words of Helen Thompson like you do. Very interesting! Sounds like you were in Europe at some time in your life?

Mommy Brain 3:26 PM  

Just for the record...I hate Comcast too. I hate that there is no other option and that I am forced to do business with a company who's customer service dept consists of a telephone number, a answering machine and not a single living person!

Look how bitter they have made me! There should be a way to petition SBC to come out here to the boondocks.

biermadoc 8:52 AM  

JUG and APAYA, were these your dogs or parrots or something?

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