Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hurling Report and Unreasonable Diarrhea

I just want to get it out in the open... Dr. Beautiful commented on my last post: "Good rules for this are if no fever and no hurling for >24 hrs and diarrhea is reasonable, and you have lots of hand cleansing gel you should be fine," WHEN is diarrhea reasonable? Because as far as I'm concerned, even though I do NOT talk about this with anyone (but now I'm making myself vulnerable to the world wide web - see how much I push myself out of my comfort zone?), I have to tell ya, diarrhea is NEVER reasonable. It never comes at a good time. It never seems to make any sense whatsoever. Reasonable - No. Gross - yes. That being said, I will not tell you if I had reasonable or unreasonable diarrhea along with my hurling the other day thankyouverymuch.

Hurling report: Not since Sunday night/Monday morning. Yea! However, my core muscles are seriously sore from the hurling. Perhaps that was the best ab workout I've had in years? No one else has thrown up either, so as of now, we're in the clear (as long as the reasonable diarrhea doesn't show up with anyone).

Today I feel 100%. And I am soooo happy:) Yesterday I still felt a bit queasy and really nervous to eat anything. I had half of my breakfast, a semi decent lunch - but when I started in on the turkey sandwich I thought I should probably stop - and I had toast again for dinner because I was still too nervous to eat. All in all this new diet has been a good one - I'm sure I've dropped at LEAST 10 lbs by now;) And I even exercised this morning. I took one step outside and decided the stairs were not happening (is this humidity ever going to go away?) so I did Tae Bo Bootcamp. Good. Good. Good.

And now, to make my day even better: BFWW is coming for coffee any minute now. I am VERY excited about this. And as I threatened in her blog, I may not let her leave. What is with this living in Tennessee stuff anyway? Who needs to live there? In case you haven't guessed, my secret project has been to install bars on all of my windows and doors and extra deadbolts on all of my doors so she can't leave. If anyone could manage a food drop like they had on LOST, I would greatly appreciate one in about 5 days...


Mommy Brain 10:42 AM  

I'm glad you are feeling better...there is nothing worse than being a sick mommy. Memphis is far...but at least you can drive there is you ever wanted to. My BFF from college up and moved her skinny white behind to Anchorage, AK to go marry her own Doug Bierma! Try driving there in a weekend! Memphis is far...but not that bad.

Amanda 12:52 PM  

Hope you and Kim have an awesome afternoon. Give her a big hug for me. Glad you're feeling better!!! :)

Kary 2:30 PM  

I am so happy you are feeling better. Maybe I will get to meet you tomorrow if I have enough courage to bring all of my children.

mommy brain 4:28 PM  


Carol 7:09 PM  

Kim...are you okay? Do you need rescuing? If I distract JD with a really interesting blog post, would there be a chance for you to slip out? Jana kind of sounds like Katey Sagal in the movie "Smart House".

Carol 7:11 PM  

If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea... does that mean that one enjoys it?

I'm glad you are feeling better!

Mommy Brain 9:32 AM  

Carol~How does your brain work?

Carol 8:41 PM  

Christine~my brain? you really should know by now that there is no rhyme or reason how the blasted thing works, it just does on occasion!
Oh, JD: we missed ya today! There was talk of coming over to TP your house. I'm pretty sure that was Laura's idea!

Mommy Brain 7:16 AM  

JD really missed you today, although, thanks for not bringing the sickness with you. I think we overwhellmed Kim and she could have used some moral support here...Elise loved the pool as long as she was in her clothes and away from Uncle Tim. Hope that we get to meet you someday!~

Amanda 4:38 PM  

JD, yes I got your email...I've emailed her back and am waiting for my 'acceptance'. :)

Heaven Sent 7:24 PM  

I feel a little out of the loop here since some major conversation is going on, but just wanted to say hope you're feeling better JD!

Missy 9:25 PM  

Ahhh Jana, HELLO... you really need a new post as least so when I click here I see other words besides hurling and diarrhea! ... LOL I mean I love ya and all but lets just be reasonalbe.

Oh I know how about an explanation for that picture or better yet a secret project clue! :)

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