Sunday, August 13, 2006

I finally got a new memory card reader!

In the middle of July Nora had her last Tball game for the summer. She loved tball, however, that day was so hot and humid that by the 10:15 start time I already had sweat rolling down my back. Nice. It was rough on the kids, but they got through one full inning and finished their season.

Nora was one of three girls on her team and was definitely the best girl on the field. She hit well and she was very aggressive in the infield. After every hit she would charge the ball regardless of what position she was playing or where the ball was hit. After the first time she did this the other kids followed suit and it became mass chaos on the field with everyone fighting for the ball - and our baby started it all:)

She is definitely a child of my family. She is very athletic and just loves to play baseball. In fact, we were outside this afternoon showing off her hitting skills to grandpa and grandma before they went home. And I will brag a bit and tell you that she really hits the ball and is very good. I think we are going to be watching a lot of softball games in the future.

So here you have it - photos of our last game:

After she hit the ball...

Waiting on first base for the next hit. Posted by Picasa


one hot momma 11:29 PM  

don't you just love T-ball??? Your kids are adorable! Yeah for the memory card reader! Can we get a word on your secret project yet?

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