Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Remember when we were hot?

Happy Birthday my dear BFWW! I've known you now for... 12 years - can you believe that? 12 years. I feel like it was just yesterday that we were in your room, I was looking at your pictures and saying, "You know that jacka**?" My language has gotten much better since then, hasn't it? And you want to know something, a lot of it is because of you - we had a conversation once about potty mouths and it has stuck in my brain ever since.

I could go on and on with stories of us over the 12 years, but I won't completely go there. I will just say this: Perkins, mount wall, ok, you create a diversion..., this is Lucy from Lucy's kitchen - you have eggroll in lobby, come pick up, Cascade Inn, my birthday freshman year, perkins, the wall, yeah, we're..., all my children, Beth, Natums, you won't shop at Goodwill, Castle Bluff, sharing a bedroom, talking about getting engaged, our "fight" about having a wedding in October (which you don't remember), Woodward, 90210 & lighting the pilot light with Brent, my birth order term paper, getting caught by Sharon in the kitchen, posting pictures on the cupboards, camping, bag o' jag, megan's margarita night, Yummy dinners, perkins, our weddings, callling you when I found out I was pregnant with Georgia - I was crying and you were so excited, our babies, our phone calls, our coffees, our breakfasts, the bars and locks in my house, our blogs:) i'm sure you can add to it, but keep it clean, please!

I'm pretty certain that I don't need to expound on how I feel about you... but I will a little bit. I love you. I miss you. I want you to live next door to me. I want you to come for coffee every week. I want to babysit Elise, but mostly I want you to babysit my kids. 12 years of fun, insanity, tears, talking, sharing, and loving. I hope the next 12 years are just as much fun!

Happy 30th, my friend.


Amanda 1:29 PM  

Happy Birthday Kim! You two are so blessed to have such a friendship!

Mommy Brain 3:10 PM  

Is Kim really that much taller than you?

Jen 4:20 PM  

Wow, now I look like a bad sister. No such love on my blog. Heck, I even forgot about it til I saw the date on my bank statement!

Happy 30th Old Woman.

And yes, Jana is short! :-)

kkoois 6:00 PM  

Oh my goodness!!! Thank you so much! You are too kind. You are such a great friend and I am so blessed to have you in my life. I'm thankful that we have not only remained friends since I moved away, but I think we have become closer because of it. I think that is because we both have learned to not take friendships for granted and we have both put forth so much effort to keep it going. I love you so much and miss you more than you will ever know. Thanks for all the memories over the past 12 years and I certainly hope that we continue to grow closer yet over the next 12 and beyond.

kkoois 6:01 PM  

amanda - you must remember some of those things in that list, especially "Lucy from Lucy's kitchen - you have eggroll..."

Amanda 8:44 PM  

I don't remember any of that!!! I did a similar prank in 8th grade with Lucy from Chop Suey Kitchen, but I don't remember anything about it from Calvin days. :(
Jana, you should have posted a 'now' pic of the two of you so we could see how hot you stil are...you had to have taken ONE while Kim was there, shackled in your home. :) Oh, and Kim...back when Nat was pasting bod book pics up on the mirror, and I decided I liked Jared (don't know WHY from that pic!), he really had eyes for YOU at the time!

Carol 7:42 PM  

You two are totally hot, and still are, I'm sure! (if only I could know the real JD -- but she ditched us last blog girlfriend get together!)

Carol 7:43 PM  

you two were totally hot, and still are, I'm sure! (I wish I could meet you JD, but you totally ditched the last blogging girlfriend get-together!)

one hot momma 10:30 PM  

JD and Kim you were two hotties, now you're hot mommas! Come now, lets see the 2006 you JD! you've given us a look into your kitchen, now let's see you in it!

Carol 8:22 AM  

okay, I'm not losing it. That double comment thing - sorry! I went to post comment and it totally got lost somewhere, so I typed it again. Or maybe I'm just getting old and the memory thing is happening!

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