Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dress Up Fun

For half of the day today I was a mother of 5. Two 4-year olds, One 2-year old, and Two 9-month olds. All girls.

PD had to get her hair cut and colored so she dropped off Nora's and Georgia's BFFs to hang out for the morning. Nora was so excited to wear her Cinderella dress for Olivia so I called PD to tell her to bring Liv's dress up clothes. The three girls had so much fun, although Ryann decided at some point that every necklace and piece of jewelry and purse was hers AND NO ONE ELSE'S! And that is all there is to it.

We did a photo shoot of the three girls, but I don't want to post pictures of PD's kids without her permission, so here are the photos of my two butterfly princesses:

What Prince Charming would not ask this Cinderella to the ball?

I think Prince Charming would be scared to ask this princess to the ball;)

Ryann and all her Bling - the female Mr. T?

Nora was content with her Cinderella dress for the second costume change and wanted to wear it again. She's lovely and no change is necessary:)

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Pocket Inventory: (picking up the house for the dogsitter this weekend...)
Right Front Pocket -
*2 of Georgia's pacifiers - 1 blue, 1 white
*The cap to the folic acid bottle
*1 adult sized nail clippers
*1 gray scrunchy
*11 pony tail holders
*17 barettes - 1 plastic pink poodle, 2 bugs (yellow & green), 2 medium polka dots (pink & purple), 3 medium plain (2 black, 1 purple), 1 purple butterfly, 8 tiny (2 black, 2 red, 2 purple, 1 pink, 1 blue)
*$1.81 (5 quarters, 4 dimes, 2 nickles, 6 pennies)
*1 purple lite brite peg
*1 yellow scrap of paper
*1 corner of a gogurt wrapper
*1 ball of lint

Left Front Pocket:
*4 pony tail holders
*1 purple butterfly barette
*2 pennies


kkoois 6:14 PM  

so cute!

Carol 6:32 PM  

Holy Mazolli! What size are your pockets?
The girls are so cute in their dress up stuff! I have dress up outfits, too. Maybe I'll blog and show you them sometime! :)

Mommy Brain 7:25 PM  

I could show you some photos of the one with the bag on your looked just like a princess!!

I love reading your pocket inventory...I have this picture that our houses must be very similar with all the kid stuff everywhere. Just think in like 19 or 20 years there won't be anything in our pockets except all the extra cash that we have because don't have to buy so much kid bling! LOL

Amanda 9:49 PM  

LOVE the bling, Ryann! As Annaliese used to say "You Doh Durl!" :)

Melissa :) 9:49 PM  

Your girls are soooo cute. Can't wait until Cailyn is old enough for that purdy stuff. :)

On a side note, I hope you are never weighing with your pants on. ;)

Heaven Sent 1:32 PM  

The necklaces are too funny -- and your girls are lovely of course! And I agree with Carol -- you must have some pretty big pockets!

one hot momma 1:54 PM  

I think that Carol and I could take "your" 5 girls for the afternoon and add to their fun, oh, better yet, I think that the blogging girlfriends could find some fun in Carol's basement closet...I know that she and I had lots of fun playing dress up for our hubbies!
By the way, we didn't look near as precious as your princesses! We just looked HOT!

Carol 8:19 AM  

Dress-Up is FUN! Anyone wanna come over and play?

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