Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Stripes

In describing the paint colors of my kitchen cabinets, I referred to My Stripes. For those of you who have been to my house you have no doubt what I was referring to - you can't, I brag about them too much to not know what I was referring to;)

Here they are for the few who have not been here:

This is my foyer wall. (And I'm not married to the pictures that are there - in fact I was just thinking that they get lost in the wall and I need to find something new, but they're there until I find what I want. And I had larger paintings there at first, which is why these are so high up on the wall).

I painted these stripes about 3 years ago. It was a 3 week process and it was horrendously tedious, but I love them. I do not, however, love how the colors look with the flooring and I've talked about painting over them ever since (especially now since Ryann has drawn on them and I can't touch it up). I just don't have the heart to paint over them...

What do I love most? I love the color scheme - I found a strip of paint shades at KMart of all places - it was one of those strips that has 6 shades of the same color on it. I used three of them on the stripes and one other shade in my front room & stairway. The medium color in the stripes is the color of my family room and my bedroom and the cabinets, the light color is the ceiling in those rooms and the frame of the cabinet doors. The shade between those two is the color of my front room and hallway (looks more like true khaki).

The other thing that I just love is the fact that I started the pattern in the middle of the wall and went around the room so the corner of the walls are smack in the middle of the stripes and it looks really cool to me (rather than starting at the corner and having one side of the corner be one stripe and the other side be another stripe - does that make sense?) You might be able to figure out what I'm describing in the picture below.

And here is my favorite view of the stripes. I love the way the red walls frame the stripes and I just love the way the colors and angles meet in the middle top of the picture (the white ceiling, red front wall and khaki side wall). I don't know why... sitting on the couch and looking at that corner just makes me really happy.

So there you go - My Stripes. Cool, eh? And the red paint is courtesy of BFWW and I have 1 1/2 gallons left if anyone wants them. My favorite pictures in the whole world (the two daisies on the wall) are courtesy of my in-laws - nice, huh? Love them! Posted by Picasa


one hot momma 12:00 PM  

oh so cool! I too painted stripes and love the outcome! It drove me crazy doing it, but it looks great in my boys' room. Love the colors in your house! Isn't it great to not be afraid of color!

Carol 12:04 PM  

LOVE IT! How would you like to come over...I was thinking about adding some stripes to my bedroom. I think it would be nice next to the pole I'm adding! :-)

one hot momma 2:38 PM  

you're naughty!

Jen 2:42 PM  

I want a pole too! I hear it's a good workout.

Striped look AWESOME!! I do not have the patience for that. :-)

Missy 3:03 PM  

Forget ironing.....!!!!! I want to hire you to paint. That is beautiful and I must say Jana your house looks really tidy ;)

Mommy Brain 3:44 PM  

I love, love, love the stripes! And the combo of the red is way cool...I think I remember that red in Kim's condo.

I've been thinking about your comment that looking at that corner makes you happy, and it's got me thinking...what views in my house make me happy? I think this a whole new game for us bloggers to play. Show us what makes you happy in your home. I can't wait to charge my camara battery!

Anonymous 9:18 PM  

I am so excited to stumble upon your blog. i was checking out kims and i linked to yours. i love the stripes- i have a red room too and love it! anyways i hope you guys are doing well. we will have to chat more. i read your post for kims birthday and i miss our old times!

JD 7:05 AM  

Yea! Natums!

April 5:01 PM  

I know this is an old entry, but I couldn't help but peak around after you showed your chair improvements. You are a woman after my own heart! I love awesome paint jobs and unique ones at that. I should almost take a picture of my bathroom walls, because I think you just might appreciate them. I also would have a hard time painting over them because of how long they took to paint. BUT they look so cool that I still love it to this day.

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