Monday, August 14, 2006

9 Months

Now that I have my new memory card reader I finally got around to taking Georgia's 9 month photo shoot. I could only get a couple of pictures because she is on the move people! There is no sitting still to get your photo taken with this little Bug now:) In addition, I had one other child begging to have her picture taken and another one demanding to take the pictures... so I had to settle with just two pictures of Georgia.

There haven't been a lot of changes since her 8 month update. Her napping and eating schedules are still the same. She loves to try new foods (she goes crazy for pizza - demanding that we give her some). She still loves Brady, still only has the 2 bottom teeth, but now she is crawling!! She started crawling last Monday and has gotten so much better since then. She is all over the place and we're going to have to teach her to climb the stairs soon. I feel like she has gotten so much older since she started moving - isn't that weird? This seems like the first step toward no longer being a baby, but becoming a toddler.

This child never stops smiling. She rarely cries. She complains when she sees her bottle being made, but other than that we hear very few complaints from her. She goes to bed at night and for both of her naps without a sound, she loves to take a bath with the big girls and she is trying so hard to get in the middle of the playing with the other two. I know I've said this before, but she is truly delightful.

I cannot begin to tell you how happy we are with all three of our girls. We have shrieking and we have fighting, but they are all so wonderful - they are kind, polite, well-behaved, loving and happy. We are extremely blessed by these little girls.

Here is our household model. She insists on being in front of the camera as often as possible - and who wouldn't be thrilled to take a picture of this beauty?

And then we've got this one - I had to beg her to sit in front of the camera and even then she refused. If she is in front of the camera she has her face hidden. I snapped this picture totally unexpectedly and I have to say - Could this be the cutest picture of the cutest child ever in the history of pictures and children? I thought so;) Posted by Picasa


Amanda 3:38 PM  

Precious pictures! And Ryann definitely has that same little look in her eyes that Annaliese out! :)

Jen 8:30 PM  

How stinkin' cute are they?!? I swear we live in parallel world. Caroline LOVES the camera and Amelia hates it.

Carol 8:58 PM  

3 beautiful girls! I LOVE PINK!! I have 3 beautiful boys, and David has a pink shirt now!
How blessed you are!

Carol 7:06 AM  

oh, how that Georgia smile makes me smile every time I log onto your blog!

Mommy Brain 8:19 AM  

Ok, well I was just paging back in your blog entries to find out how to spell Ryann's name...I happen to go to April 2006 and wow! I can't believe how much they have changed over the summer. The change always happens so slowly for me as mom that I never see it...but look back, it's amazing...Warning! It might make you cry!

Ryann's picture is too cute...I just want to reach out and pinch those little cheeks!

kkoois 8:34 AM  

Happy 9 months, Georgia!! You've grown so much since I saw you the first time. You're such a beautiful happy little girl. I hope to see you again soon!

Cute pictures! And of course, cute girls!!

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